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Have you ever laughed until cried?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) March 23rd, 2009

I have, a lot of times… I think everyone has…

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haha yes! Sometimes I laugh so hard it is actually painful LOL it is so funny and then I cant stop!

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Well, I certainly have, but it has been a while. Gerald Durrell’s books used to do it for me, but then so does P.D.Q. Bach.

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Not only did I cry, I peed.

Ok, so that only happened once while 8 months pregnant. I get tears from laughter quite a bit. Especially while watching SNL.

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Plenty of times. Sometimes it has been because of something my friends have said (my best friend is extremely funny) and sometimes it’s been because of TV. Like the first time I saw that scene were Joe cries excessively on Family Guy…lol

Even MadTV has made me laugh that much before. Laughing so hard that it actually hurts!

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@Darwin My Family and Other Animals!!! That made me laugh until I wet my pants. It’s like Bertie and Jeeves. You are laughing like an insane person on the train. People move away from your seat.

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@Marina – Absolutely! The Bafut Beagles, Menagerie Manor and Birds, Beasts and Relatives, too!

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Kev, that is very sad. :(

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@Darwin A Zoo in My Luggage.

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Oh yeah. I cried, had a hard time catching my breath and had to do the pee-pee dance to the bathroom. My husband was laughing hysterically at me. My kids thought I went off the deep end – they had just come in from going for a walk.

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Yes. Reading books. I remember laughing hysterically at Catch 22. Unable to catch my breath until the tears came.

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Terry Pratchett and Bill Bryson have made me laugh like that a few times each. The Wayne Brady sketch on Chappelle’s Show, the “Chicken Lady at the Strip Club” sketch on Kids In The Hall, the “Hail Satan Network” sketch on Mr. Show and any number of Python sketches have all made me laugh until I was in tears and gasping for breath.

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Yes! Best therapy in the world!!!

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Yes!!! But I was high…does that still counts?

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@May2689 I think that still counts!

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@loser: then hell yeah I’ve laughed until I cried! and it was the best!!!!!

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Fairly often, thankfully.

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Yes, but not often enough – i need one of those per day! :D

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@aprilsimnel I love Wayne Brady. What a multitalented guy.

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Never. I laugh so I don’t cry.

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@Marina – In the Chappelle sketch, Brady’s so unlike himself, first I busted a gut and then thought, I’d cast him as a bad guy in a movie any day. He was that good.

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@aprilsimnelIT WAS MOONEY!!!

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