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Wow there are a lot of refugee on here. Do you think the non-wis.dmers resent us a little?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25260points) March 24th, 2009

I hope not!

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The more the merrier

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No. I think we got a bit frustrated a times this past weekend because we’re used to taking people in as a community and perhaps correcting a few behaviors here and there. But we got overwhelmed with new people, some of whom seemed to have no interest in learning out community standards or who wanted to fight them. Most of whom were just trying to find their way. And while it’s easy to bring one or two people into the group, it’s harder to take so many in and give each person the kind of attention we like to without getting… a bit crazy.

Overall, though, we do not resent you at all. We welcome you, and are generally happy you are here.

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Your presence here is absolutely not resented in any way. Nor should you be judged by the actions of some disgruntled and whiny Flutherites or We were all new here at some point.

There’s enough lurve to go around. Welcome!

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I have seen some hostility coming from all different places but I think a little of that is normal.

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Resent? Um, no.

Just use Search before posting a question and all is well.

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I love new people. I just expect everyone to respect the culture when visiting a foreign land ;-)

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Resentment? No. Never resentful about new perspectives and knowledge. However, I will be honest, a very small number of the refugees are not conforming very nicely and are being very vocal about their displeasure. There has been some name calling from the wis.dmers regarding the moderators of this site (twice now our moderators have been called Nazis and described violating a member’s mother) and some are taking issues at our guidelines and rules of behaviour. Maybe some of this hostility comes from joining a new community with new rules, or sadness at seeing shuting down, who knows.

There is simply a lot of people who came in at once. As @EmpressPixie says, it’s easier to deal with a trickle of new users than a flood of new users.

That said, I am very confident that you guys and gals are in general a great group of folk. There have been some really interesting questions posted, and I’ve had interesting discussions with many of you already, and I hope to keep these discussions happening in the future.

I understand that change is difficult. The one thing we ask is that you, as we all do as well, abide by the guidelines and terms of this website. I welcome all new members with open arms, and if you have any questions, let us know. Here’s another thread (I know you’ve seen it, @Leanne1986) where some advice was being offered.

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There has been a major culture shock to some wis.dmers who were so dead set in their ways that they overreacted to the changes and it created a few misunderstandings. But it seems to me most wis.dmers are slowly discovering how close this site is, despite of the cosmetic changes, to our old one.

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Also, I lurve this question because it feels like a good clear the air question so we can all kind of leave the drama of the transition behind.

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Lots of wonderful new folks. I’ve already added several to my fluther.

No site is going to be a perfect fit for everybody, of course, but the web’s a big place, so I’m sure those who aren’t happy here will find something to their liking out there. Those that stay are already full-fledged jellies as far as I’m concerned.

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It’s a bit overwhelming but nothing that I cannot adjust to. I’m still a newbie so the adjustment for me is not as great as the “Old Timers”

I like the injection of a lighter side, Flutherville is a bit stogie.

It would be nice to have some easy way to convey winks, chuckles or seriousness in type though. I like smileys but do not use them here.

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Thank for all the honest answers. Although I was a member for a while I certainly wasn’t obsessed with the way of doing things so will adjust very easily I feel. As long as I have a place to ask and answer questions I am a happy girl :)

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heck no, you guys are great!

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Sometimes it takes awhile to fit into a new community. When I first came here from assville my very first question was moderated. And then one or two more. I felt resentment at first, and it probably showed in some of my answers on the site, but I learned that it wasn’t a personal attack on me, it was simply I didn’t know the boundaries between a good thought-provoking question and a ‘sludge’ question.

Even for people that don’t fit in at a lot of places; being highly individualistic or just deeply set in their ways, fluther is very accepting. I learned that soon enough and I love Fluther ten times more than that other place. It just takes time to catch the ‘groove’.

It’ll come, you gotta be patient. I have added several ‘newbies’ to my fluther and I hope that they decide to stay, because I am already really fond of them.

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No resentment! We were all new, at some point…right? Welcome!

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I am very happy to have new people. I have enjoyed some of the questions and just having a new perspective.

I could do without the name calling, which is not the Fluther way, but there has been comparatively little of that.

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@dynamicduo Oh man….I am so, so sorry to hear about the behavior of some of our refugees…..believe me, that kind of thing wasn’t appreciated on either…..and I appreciate everyone’s patience. I’ve been composing Q’s all morning and thinking, “OH NO!! That can be answer Y/N!! What’s gonna happen to me??!!” No…srsly—I understand where you guys are coming from….

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@Marina I’m sorry for any name calling…I haven’t seen it, but I can guess who it might be!

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Fluther’s edge in this regard may have smoothed a bit, but there’s long been an etiquette and set of norms that have been enforced by those who consider themselves vested in the site (as well as moderators). Noobs who learn not to take the bumps and bruises personally eventually get comfortable and feel welcomed. It may feel like it’s about you, but it’s not about you. It’s about maintaining a level of quality discourse.

In my experience, the process of thickening your skin here is liberating, because the quality of your ideas and thoughts become what matter most and they inevitably refine and improve through participation on this site.

Of course, this wave of immigrants is bigger and managed differently than in the past, and the collective seems to be a little more Kum Ba Yah about this one.

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The only time i have a problem with new users is when they’re too lazy to use the search or read the guidelines first. They’re there for a reason, use them.

now im off to go delete the 300 new questions for me…

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We only resent the people that are bitching about everything. I feel confident that I speak for just about everybody when I say, if you don’t like it, leave. Please stop flooding the site with complaints. It’s getting really old, really fast.

But to all you guys who are pleasant and open to our way of doing things, we are glad to have you!

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@uberbatman You are not interested in reading any new questions of ours?
Also, how do you delete questions?

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@Kelly27: I think uber just means duplicate questions, that were maybe asked recently. Just search up there in the top right hand corner to check that out. As far as deleting questions, I’m not sure what you mean – one you asked, or the ones that you’re following?

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@bythebay I meant clearing questions out that I have read but don’t like or don’t want to answer. I am not sure if you can even do that, so I was asking him/her about it.

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@Kelly27 Use the Remove button for a specific question. Use Not Interested to not receive future questions on that topic.

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@Kelly27 im interested in reading your questions…. problem is most of them are repeats or poorly thought out….

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@uberbatman I’ve only asked 3 questions and we are all just trying to get a feel for the site. I don’t see that they are any different or any more poorly thought out than the ones I have seen any other user ask.

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@Kelly27 i didnt mean you personally. I meant wis.dmers as a whole.

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@uberbatman Ok, but what makes you say they are of poor quality compared to any other question? People are just feeling their way around and getting used to the format and style here, the questions are not of a poor quality.

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@Kelly27 They are of a poorer quality because they dont follow the guidelines. People should read them prior to “feeling their way around”. Also anything that can be googled in two seconds is poor quality. I mean really?

And i dont even want to tell you how i feel about this one

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@uberbatman I am not going to go and find individual people to insult by posting their questions here, but I have seen the same from others that are not from
Also, the questions you linked, I do believe that only one of them is from a former wis.dmer.
Either way, give people a break, I am sure your first few questions weren’t perfect. :)

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@Kelly27 we were already going through an influx of crappy questions before you guys arrived. I have no problem with you guys as a whole but those who dont read the guidelines first, or the others i’ve seen from your site that came here to fight with an abuse our members, im not to keen of.

btw my first few questions were perfectly fine according to the guidelines.I migrated here from another site too and one with a lot less intelligence than i may add.

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I’ve already had one question that the moderators weren’t happy with, I have read the guidelines and thought that the question was perfectly fine and rather unique. I have edited at the moderators request and hopefully they will allow the new version but I think it will take me more time than I originally thought to TRUELY understand what a good quality question is :( bear with me (and other newbies,providing they too have read the guidelines) while I/we figure it out.

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Resent? Absolutely!
But don’t let that bother you. I resent everybody.

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@uberbatman Well, to each their own. Continue on ignoring or deleting them. :)
Hopefully they grow on you.

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Even though I haven’t interacted yet with any of you (that I know of), I certainly don’t resent you in any way, shape, or form. I do look forward to reading your answers and opinions, receiving helpful advice from you if you have any to offer, learning from your input, and maybe being able to help some of you with future answers of my own.

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I say hate the sin and lurve the sinners Fluther.

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Aww. But sin is so fun.

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@AstroChuckcan we please leave strippers out of this for once chuck?

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It’s all good Leanne.

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I, in no way, resent the I feel like it’s always great to add new voices to the mix. It got a bit heated in some of the threads as we were all figuring things out, and I am not immune to that. I said some things that, while I stand by what I said, could maybe have been said in a nicer way. Overall, I think we’re all going to meld into a happy Collective in no time provided that people don’t pointedly attack one another (as has been happening in some threads).

also maybe the guidelines aren’t such a bad idea if you’re just starting out…

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@EmpressPixie We’re making our own steps to settle in, at least I am. I have friended a lot of Flutherers who I find interesting and I have no desire to stick solely in the little community. An influx can be quite overwhelming, I know.

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@bythebay I feel the lurve! Thanks! :)

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Ahhh. Feel the lurve.

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@AstroChuckdoesn’t the restraining order clearly state you cease and desist from referring to your genitalia as “lurve”?

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Only until I turn seven.

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Never heard of or you… or them. shrug

But in all fairness I don’t live on this site ;)

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@uberbatman In reference to the two links to questions you posted in response to Kelly….what was wrong with the first one? He just wanted to know what it meant, and why was that wrong? As for the second one…if it’s a wis.dmr, I have no idea who it was.

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@Dutchess12 whats wrong with it is that it can be found in less than two seconds on google.

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@uberbatman O. Well. Maybe he just wanted to talk with you guys! (He’s a scary one, BTW!! Really. I avoid him at all costs!) What about the other one? I don’t think it was by a wis.dmr…..

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