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How does one get a 4 week old kitten to pee in the litter box?

Asked by ava (977points) November 9th, 2007

We have a new kitten. I was so proud because immediately he went right to the litter box to poop, but for some reason he doesn’t seem to know to pee in there too. What can I do so that he doesn’t turn our house into “The Pee-Pee House”?

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A four week old kitten is too young to pee in a litter box. At that age, kittens still require urogenital stimulation to produce stool and urine (they will eventually pee when the pressure reaches high levels but it is not healthy for them to wait that long). Stool production is especially important – they can get life threatening impactions if they are not stimulated regularly. If it is actually older than four weeks (or particularly advanced), it may be peeing and pooping on its own, but it doesn’t have much control over where and when. You can keep a clean litter box with very low sides in the area of the kitten and it will learn to use the litter on its own…....when it’s ready. No teaching involved.

If you are not familiar with hand raising neonates then I suggest that you take the kitten by your regular veterinary clinic for lessons immediately.

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Very young & very old cats will have a problem peeing in a litterbox. 4 weeks is VERY young for a little kitten. I have this problem with my daughter’s very old cat, Alvin. He always pees near the litterbox, but not in it. I just lay many layers of newspaper down on the floor near the litterbox, & make sure to check several times a day . Pull up the wet newspaper & lay down dry.

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The urogenital stimulation is when the momma kitty licks the babies bottoms. You can do that by stroking their genital area with a cotton ball or 3. Thank goodness ! :-)

Oh yeah do this while he is in the litter box.

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Just in case you still have problems with the kitten when it gets older and is capable of actually using the litter box, here is some follow up.
If redirecting the kitten doesn’t work try soaking up the urine with toilet paper and then placing it in the litter box just before showing the kitten. (this is a tip only for when its older and if you are still experiencing some difficulties.)

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