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Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks. Do you think it's real?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) March 24th, 2009

This video is amazing but it looks too ridiculous to be true.

Do you think Bruce Lee really did that with nunchucks?

Much like Mulder and Skully, I want to believe.

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It’s an ad for a phone, I would guess marketing and some snazzy effects… I’m no ping pong expert, but take a closer look at some things in the video and it doesn’t seem quite right…

Specifically the ball seems to slow down quite a bit as it crosses the net for several of Bruce’s shots…

at 51 seconds he actually hits a ball while his back is turned… I don’t know if even Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu was that strong ;)

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I want to believe. Not sure if the person was Bruce Lee. Great video even if it wasn’t Bruce. Thanks for sharing this it was awesome.

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It’s fake. They spliced some footage from “Game of Death” (I think) with other footage. It’s pretty impressive, though. There was something on it over at when it came out, but I can’t find it now, alas.

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Bruce Lee only wore that track suit during the movie because he parished in the middle of it. “When Bruce wasn’t on set, he was training, or working on the movie. He was very dedicated to his work.” -Linda Lee. “There was never a time that I saw Bruce not working out or exercising.” -Chuck Norris. I really don’t think he would take the time to light matches with nunchucks, or let alone play ping pong. Someone would have brought this to the “medias” attention a long time ago if it was such “lost footage”. I looked up to Bruce Lee growing up, he was 5’6” and 132 lbs. And he had it all down pate and there will never be another Bruce Lee.

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OK now I see the screen name- as deep as a teaspoon


I highly doubt that is Bruce Lee. First, they never show this guy in a full frontal view like they do with the two other fellows——his face is obscured. Second, the guy’s body shape does not look like Bruce Lee’s——this guy is “chunkier” and more heavy boned than the martial arts star, who was rather lanky and slim. Third, you can tell the film was made “to look” vintage, when in fact it’s not——though black and white, there are no spots, lines, or graining that you normally see with older film. The footage looks too clean and smooth to be more than 30 years old. And fourth, “Bruce Lee” just looks too contrived here to be believable, with his forced cat cry of “Heeeeyaaah!” and the typical funny Bruce Lee haircut. Lol.

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With all the slick special effects there are out there today, anything you see is suspect, be it a video, photo, etc. I would not bet the farm on it, because nunchucks I do not think can be controlled that well as to place ever shot or swing at optimal angle or trajectory to not only stay on the table but to score as well. As skilled as baseball players are they never hit clean even 80% of the time, if they did they would rarely get to a full count of fouls.

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It’s real, but Chuck Norris beat him using chop sticks numerous times.

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