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Anyone used/using to trade globally?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) March 24th, 2009

Just wondering.

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I was thinking of using the site but if you look at any of the posted comments or even the administrator’s broken English warnings it gets a little scary. I for one would not trust a site that did not screen each and every wholesaler. If you lose money to a seller in China you have no recourse.
The best site hand down is Worldwide Brands They screen every wholesaler and only deal with businesses so you’ll have to get a Tax I.D. That’s pretty simple though and you don’t have to have a corporation to apply for one. Like most any reputable wholesaler site, it’s not free but one price is for lifetime membership. Here’s another great Liquidation Site

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Lurve 7th! Thanks for the links.

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If there are any profits on the transaction they will go to the Chinese. You have no effective legal path of action. They know this.
You think you are entering a “vast untapped market”. Unfortunately the market only sells pieces of you and your company.

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