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What is your favorite springtime activity?

Asked by TenaciousDenny (1149points) March 24th, 2009

For those of us who have braved yet another cold winter, spring is now being sprung. What outdoor activities are you looking forward to doing again?

Personally, I am looking forward to softball season and getting out and hiking some nature trails. And of course, grilling out. Mmmmmmm…

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Planting veggie gardens and flower gardens are among my favorites but I just want summer to be here so I can go camping! :)

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bike riding, baseball games, more time outdoors!!

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Gardening and bike riding

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@blondie411 Lurve for mentioning baseball games. Reds Opening Day is only 13 days away! I love this time of year!!!

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Sadly, it is topsy turvy where I live. Winter is when it is easiest, best and most pleasant to do outdoor activities. I like the spring, but the warming weather signals the rough four months to come from mid-June to mid-October when it is grueling outside.

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Honestly, my favorite is going to the Farmer’s market. I cannot WAIT for it to be open and awesome again. And across the street. The winter market is so far away (whine, whine, a whole mile, whine).

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fishing, its when the big ones always bite, and getting a nie tan before summer comes

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Beach! Park! Rollerblade! Bike! w00t!

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I love outdoor festivals and markets and it just means that more outdoor activities are on the way. My boyfriend and I have tickets to 5 baseball games in April alone!

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I love having people over to grill out and chill on the deck. Nothing better than sitting around with a cold beer on those nice springtime evenings.

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I usually do not eat people either grilled or chilled. ; D

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@Marina I should mind my wording, huh?

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@essieness It was fine. I knew what you meant. The double meaning just struck me funny, and I am looking for laughs today.

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@Marina You can laugh at my expense anytime :)

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I’m looking forward to hiking, maybe some crystal mining, working outside on my laptop, outdoor photography without a coat.

But my favorite activity would have to be sex under a light spring rain.
But it would be more fun if I had a woman to do it with : P

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ahem, ok so now that I got fireside’s mental imagery cleared out of my brain ;)

Springtime in Western MD where I currently live = tons of flowers, seemingly everywhere.
As an amateur photographer, I stay pretty busy chronicling all the amazing changes
in nature.

I hike pretty much year-round, but the warmer weather will mean all-day hikes.
This year I hope to do some hiking down at Shenandoah National Park, and also discover more of the AT.

Right now my bike is out of commission due to a mishap, but once it’s back on the road
I’ll begin to commute to work once again.

The rest of my free time I plan to spend in my backyard…
chilling out with friends, playing fetch with my dogs, tending to my small flower garden, and mowing the lawn which I actually tend to enjoy.

Lastly, for me no discussion of spring can end without mentioning the exhiliration of going barefoot and/or wearing sandals/flip flops again!

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I love planting veggies and flowers and watching them grow. I love sitting in my back yard with a beer and I love building a fire in my firepit!! I have lots of ideas for my garden this year.

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spring cleaning!
and finally getting rid of years and years worth of stuff

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