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Can someone clearly explain this whole event?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) March 24th, 2009

I’m seeing all this fighting about it…
I was gone for a few days and some merger or something seems to have taken place?
I’ve never heard of….
can someone clearly explain whats going on?

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cwilbur's avatar is another social question-and-answer site, and the people who run it are shutting it down. The regulars on decided that they would all come over to Fluther, and join here.

Unfortunately, the cultures of and Fluther are not the same, and so some wis.dmers are coming here and chafing at the different style. Many are unhappy with the strong moderation here, because had essentially no moderation, and a few are expressing this discontent in unpleasant ways.

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@cwilbur Whereas I rather enjoyed seeing an old troll from get shut down by the mods here yesterday.

It was great stuff.

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@cwilbur: Thanks that was useful because I was curious as well. IMO, if you don’t like it, leave!!

Edit: If you do like it, then welcome :)

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@Lefty_the_space_monkey hell yes, I was loving it too.. now to FIND it and link it…. still struggling with the navigation and I keep forgetting to bookmark stuff. :x

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@3or4monsters—who was it?? I mean, I can guess, but just want to be sure!

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I would rephrase it like this: “Many regulars on decided that they would come over to Fluther.” I’m sorry to hear about the petty skirmishes. I would expect from all my fellow that if they want to express discontent they should do it in a polite way. Thanks again, Flutherites, for the warm welcome!

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how many people from came over?

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@mattbrowne A little politeness goes a long way. Very nice :)

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@RandomMrdan – A rough estimate would be 50 – 100. I browsed through some of the fluthers and recognized many familiar avatars. But the immigration is not over yet. There are some heated debates going on on right now. More will join and some will decide not to.

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I would assume about 30 active ones, from what I have seen.

There was a great schism on over the value of moderation. A few trolls there were causing a great deal of harm, yet the admins did very little. The admins, in general, participated little in the site, and there were no volunteer moderators. So, most folks aren’t used to active moderation, and a few oppose it. As a site admin myself, I think moderation is crucial to the functioning of any social networking site.

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was there some kind of great upheaval over there? A power struggle?
Why the exodus?

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‘Flutherites’ sounds much cooler than ‘’.

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@patg7590 Well…I think tried to get too sophisticated which was expensive. They hoped to have a following that would somehow offset the expenses but…long story short, they’re out of money. They’re closing down within a couple of weeks.

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See above. The exodus is due to the fact that the site admins announced that the site is shutting down soon.

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@crisw Hey ya! What took you so long??!!!

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I’ve been around a bit- see Benny’s religion question :>)

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Whoah! I like what they did with the drapes.

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