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Does "lurve" behave according to economic models?

Asked by Harp (19101points) March 24th, 2009

I noticed that the “lurve” tap is barely trickling these days. Way fewer “Great Answer” s seem to be awarded. You’d think that with the greater population, there’d be an increase, since more eyes would, theoretically, see each comment.

But maybe this is a reflection of the overall tension on the site now, kind of a bear market for lurve, a crisis of confidence?

Is there a “macro-economics of lurve”?

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are you suggesting a lurve stimulus package?

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I think a lot of the scores don’t properly reflect the amount of lurve some people have, due to the lurve cap. I’ve maxed damn near everyone. I’m glad we have so many new users so lurve can flow freely.
I really lurve to lurve.

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I find myself having maxed out on a couple people, this makes me sad. But I still lurve on them.
I’m shocked more lurve isn’t going around. I love to lurve on people. New people should lurve too!

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@patg7590 OK, here’s a GA, but I now own half your fluther and you’ll have to give up the private jet.

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@Harp aww…shucks…I thought it was free money….(lurve)

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I think some of the new people might not understand lurve. The caps can be playing into the dire lurve situation, as well.

Lurve does make the world go around! (At least on Fluther!!) :)

I do know that I have probably maxed out on some people, that bugs me, but I still lurve them.

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Actually, @Harp, it’s purely observation bias.

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WOW! Thanks, andrew. Although, surely the volume of comments has been enormous, too. Any way of figuring the “lurve per comment”?

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How do you know when you’ve “maxed” on Lurve for someone? I know it still shows up as a GA in the question, but just doesn’t add up in the Lurve. Is there a way to tell how much LUrve you’ve given someone?

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@Judi The only way I know is to test: award the GA, then refresh the page and see if the lurve goes up

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I guess I’m maxed out on you then @Harp!

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Likewise :)

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@andrew: Oh my soul, more lurve over time charts, please! I love that kind of thing.

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I wish we could “remax” or “unmax” after a period of time. I’m sure I’ve maxed out on you, Harp, and many another.

Whaddaya say, Andrew – can we get our lurve back??

(I know at the moment, I’m doing more reading than writing or lurving as we assimilate the newbies.)

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@janbb: I know, right? It would be great if like once a year or something our lurve reset and we could lurve everyone freely again.

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