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How do I get my dog to stop chewing stuff?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) November 9th, 2007

First my dog is extremely hyper.. He gets plenty of excersise but still is bouncing off the walls most of the day.. On top of it he’s constantly chewing things all day.. Whether its his toys or something around the house he gets a hold of.. He most recently started chewing on my couch cushions.. So now its time to do something.. Any suggestions?

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What breed of dog do you have and how old is your dog? Certain breeds, need constant activity and exercise (like border collies-are working dogs).

If your dog is relatively young or a puppy (1–3 years old), this type of behavior is not abnormal. I would suggest trying the use of bitter apple (which can be bought at pet stores) that makes things taste bad to dogs and not want to chew on them. I would also suggest that you let the dog know when his behavior is not acceptable, for example chewing on the sofa. This can be done by using voice inflection. Also make sure the dog has its own toys that its allowed to chew on and scold when he/she chews on items that are not approved items. And obedience training is always an option if none of these methods work, but also consult you vet for any tips or advice too.

Good Luck.

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My dog is Pug/Beagle mix and is 13 months old

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I would suggest get a Kong Ball and fill it with food inside or a big rawhide. They get bored (my dog eats paper in the garage when I am out and about)

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Being that your dog is still a puppy at 13 months, I would suggest trying to get a chew toy like what was suggested by Jill E or other similar chew toys. I’ve had a few pure bread beagles and beagle mixes and they have a tendency to be on the hyper side. And chew toys and constant exercise are necessary. The beagle is a hunting dog so hiding his/her favorite treat in a kong or similar toy can give the dog something to do while chewing. The good news, is that eventually as the dog becomes older they will mellow out a bit and not be as hyper. Be patient and firm with your dog and realize that they go through teething, like babies do and chewing is also a form of exercise for them.

Good Luck!

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I agree, puppies tend to be mouthy. You shouldn’t try to make him stop chewing altogether- you need to redirect his chewing to acceptable items. If you haven’t already, sign him (and yourself) up for obedience training. Training classes are actually more important for pet owners than for pets. They teach techniques for learning how to communicate your needs to the animal and help create a foundation for a lifelong companion.

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Bitter apple has always worked for the training of my dogs when they are chewing something consistently that I am not thrilled with. Like couches, chairs, shoes, etc..

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