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Should we boycott Exxon becasue they are still stalling over Valdez?

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I already boycott Exxon.

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No kidding Marina…we have since it happened.

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I already do as well.

I know some of the fishermen affected by it, and it’s likely that they will all have passed away before those greedy corporate assholes finally pay-up. My ex’s grandfather died before he got any. That whole thing disgusts me in so many ways!!

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Me too. I never buy Exxon/Mobile. Even if I’m on a road trip, I will go out of my not to go to these gas stations.

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I don’t ever go to Exxon or Mobile but then I also don’t know what all companies are affiliated with Exxon/Mobile. I don’t ask my mother to boycott watching PBS because of Exxon/Mobile sponsorship.

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I’ll stop spending my $22/mo at my neighborhood independently-owned station. That’ll show Exxon.

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I try to avoid Exxon/Mobil but it doesn’t seem to be having an effect on their bottom line. Last summer I used to find that Getty had the most consistently low prices near me in NY.

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I never thought about it but will now. I used to Boycott Shell because (I heard anyway, no Internet to research back then)they were the only major oil company who kept their investments in South Africa during Apartheid.

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Can we get some people to correct for typos in their questions?

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