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Can you download videos from youtube?

Asked by tonytakenomercy (6points) March 24th, 2009

I want to download a video from youtube and play it offfline

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If you use Firefox, you can also do it using an add on called Download Helper.

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If you google it I think there are a lot of sites that’ll do it actually. I was recently directed towards

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Realplayer if you have there player you can download any video from any site

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You can download with MANY MANY tools… Just search on google, I seriously don’t get why people ask things like this on forums like fluther… Doing so is way more time consuming than first searching your problem on google…. Learn to use google my friend, you will begin to be smarter on your own instead of asking people… (which will help in specific problems…)

Sandystrachan gave a good answer, BUT realplayer doesn’t download all that fast, I suggest you use an internet plugin, for either firefox or chrome, there are tons of plug-ins for these browsers that let you do this. Also, they usually let you download on how fast your download speed is.


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