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If you knew you were going to die what would your last words be?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) March 24th, 2009

This question was just a platform for this, I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting the last two day, I really do like this site and the users are very nice. I know I’ve been complaining a lot, I’ll pop back every time I think I have an intresting QUESTION Thanks.

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i think i would probably just make a goofy face.
just kidding.
i would probably end up being cliche and telling whoever was around me that i love them… but at the other end of the spectrum ... if the people around me were people i hated i would probably just tell them what i really thought of them.

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“Time is a window. Death is a door. I’ll be back!”

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I don’t want to die, up, down, left, right, up, down, left, right.

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If someone was going to kill me I’d have to say “Go F yourself!”.

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probably “hand me another beer”

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I’m totally quoting lord of the rings. Specifically in the return of the king movie when Eowyn is with Theoden as he is dying. I’ll say, “I know your face. My eyes darken. My body is broken, you have to let me go. I go to my fathers in whose mighty company, I shall not now feel ashamed”

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Say good-bye to everyone on Fluther for me


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“Just do it”

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“It was worth it.”

…“for the L0Lz” is optional.

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“Sorry for the mess…”

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“Oh, shit.”

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” wait, false alarm.”

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I don’t know who else read your details @Myndecho but thank you for the apology, it is very sweet. We understand the transition has been tough. We’re glad to have you here.

Also…i’d quote the Grateful Dead with my own added “dude” as in “dude, what a long strange journey it’s been”

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“kill all the liberals and hippies… AVENGE MEEE!!!!” lol jk idk, probably just that I love them, and will be watching over them always. I’m such a girl, I don’t care.

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“Will somebody pull this Stickwhistle out of me?!?”

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Gogol’s Taras Bulba is perhaps the definitive work on this subject:

“Farewell, brother gentles, my comrades! May the holy Russian land stand forever, and may it be eternally honoured!” And as he closed his failing eyes, the Cossack soul fled from his grim body.


“May all our enemies perish, and may the Russian land rejoice forever!” and then he yielded up his soul.


“I am permitted, brother gentles, to die a fine death. Seven have I hewn in pieces, nine have I pierced with my lance, many have I trampled upon with my horse’s hoofs; and I no longer remember how many my bullets have slain. May our Russian land flourish forever!” and his spirit fled.


“I thank God that it has been my lot to die before your eyes, comrades. May they live better who come after us than we have lived; and may our Russian land, beloved by Christ, flourish forever!” and his young spirit fled.

best of all

“Am not I worthy of eternal pity? Is not the mother that bore me unhappy? Is it not a bitter lot which has befallen me? Art not thou a cruel executioner, fate? Thou has brought all to my feet—the highest nobles in the land, the richest gentlemen, counts, foreign barons, all the flower of our knighthood. All loved me, and any one of them would have counted my love the greatest boon. I had but to beckon, and the best of them, the handsomest, the first in beauty and birth would have become my husband. And to none of them didst thou incline my heart, O bitter fate; but thou didst turn it against the noblest heroes of our land, and towards a stranger, towards our enemy. O most holy mother of God! for what sin dost thou so pitilessly, mercilessly, persecute me? In abundance and superfluity of luxury my days were passed, the richest dishes and the sweetest wine were my food. And to what end was it all? What was it all for? In order that I might at last die a death more cruel than that of the meanest beggar in the kingdom? And it was not enough that I should be condemned to so horrible a fate; not enough that before my own end I should behold my father and mother perish in intolerable torment, when I would have willingly given my own life twenty times over to save them; all this was not enough, but before my own death I must hear words of love such as I had never before dreamed of. It was necessary that he should break my heart with his words; that my bitter lot should be rendered still more bitter; that my young life should be made yet more sad; that my death should seem even more terrible; and that, dying, I should reproach thee still more, O cruel fate! and thee—forgive my sin—O holy mother of God!”

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@kevbo Oh, just die for Chrisakes!

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I love you.

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“Yes, just three.” (props if you know the show)

Nah… but really, it’d probably just be a silent prayer followered by “I love you.”

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See you on the other side!

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@Myndecho : I saw your reply, and I thought it was in reference to the Konami secret videogame code for the NES (up up down down left right left right B A): Well, it IS the cheat code, so I thought, he must be referring to the game where the cheat code gives you extra lives.

Then I realized you were crossing yourself in prayer. Oh hi, I might be a gamer.

Final words? Um.. there’s a good chance it’ll be totally inappropriate for the atmosphere and that whoever hears it might feel slightly shocked, betrayed, confused or let down. These words may be lacking! I might wrap the end of those final words with an apology for being so awkward yet strangely consistent in said awkward delivery right up to the final moment. At which point, I’ll hum “The Final Countdown” with my death-rattle.

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“I knew this was going to happen”

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“A bus!”

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“I told you I was sick!”

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I told you I didn’t feel very well…

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“why are you guys laughing!”...

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Wait wait, I know…

“Watch this!”

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From what I understand “Oh, shit!” is very commonly the last thing recorded on airplane black boxes recovered after the crash.

I am most likely to emulate H. G. Wells, who said “Go away. I’m all right.”

Some others I like:

“I do not have to forgive my enemies. I have had them all shot.” Ramon Narvaez

“Tomorrow, I shall no longer be here.” Nostradamus

“Born in a hotel room—and God damn it—died in a hotel room.” Eugene O’Neill

“Wait a second.” Madame de Pompadour

“My dear, before you kiss me good-bye, fix you hair. It’s a mess.” George Kelly

“I wonder why he shot me.” Huey P. Long

“Go on, get out! Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough!” Karl Marx

“Even in the valley of the shadow of death, two and two do not make six.” Leo Tolstoy

“All right, then, I’ll say it, Dante makes me sick.” Lope de Vega

“Don’t let it end like this. Tell them I said something.” Pancho Villa

“Dying is easy. Comedy is difficult.” Edmund Gwenn

“Only one man ever understood me. And he really didn’t understand me.” Hegel

“Leave the shower curtain on the inside of the tub.” Conrad Hilton

“They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” General John Sedgwick

“I don’t feel good.” Luther Burbank

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no more cookies…

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Call 911.

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“There are things known and there are things unknown. Inbetween are the doors.”

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@Lightlyseared – One of my favourite iconoclasts, Spike Milligan, wanted I told you I was ill! as his epitaph.

I think I’d ask for a kiss as my last words.

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I’m thinking something along the lines of “urk”.

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@getoffmylawn – Lurve for blue-footed boobies!

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@aprilsimnel That’s what it says on the headstone of his grave (although it’s in Gaelic so the joke is not as obvious as he might have hoped).

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“I love you too.”

My Mom’s was (after having seen all of her brother’s and sisters – there were 7 in total and they came from various parts of Ontario to see her). “I got to see you all and now I can go…”

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i just couldn’t tell you and i still can’t. you’ll find out at the funeral.

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@charliecompany34 : You’re going to still be talking at your funeral?

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**links all the zombie threads**

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“There is…another…Sky…walkerrrrrrrrr…”

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@jmah that is very sad, and very sweet. I’m glad you shared that.

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Live well this life, I did.

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If Mary Poppins can use an umbrella as a parachute, why can’t I?

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Remember, Hon, it’s loaded and the safety is off!

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“oh baby, yeah just like that. Faster, faster… no, wait…slower, slower. Oo…”

Either that or something like this

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Oh Christ you have got to be fucking kindding m…glarrghh…

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@fireside that scene is funny no matter how many times I watch it. I actually hope I can go out with that much hilarity and style. Haha.

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“Now what?”

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Listen up. This is important. I’ve buried a large sum of money. You will find it buried in…aaaggghhh.

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Chuck, Chuck, Wake Up!
Where is aaaggghhh?


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Halfway between ack and blaaaah.

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@fireside just watched the video again despite the fact that I own the movie. Still laughed out loud in an empty house over it. Thanks for making my night that much better!

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“See you when I see you.”

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