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Kevbo the Red is a 10K-er?

Asked by Harp (19101points) March 24th, 2009

Why, by Gosh, I believe he is! For you newly-minted jellies, Crossing that 10,000 lurve mark is a milestone accomplished by only a handful of intrepid jellies since the dawn of Fluther. On these somber occasions we gather in a circle around the feted (not “fetid”) hero and chant songs of praise. This is Kevbo’s big day.

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Kevbo might be fetid, too, if you put him in a warm place for a while and didn’t let him shower.

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Cheers kevbo! :D

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I’ve been trying to reverse direction… but so far to no avail.

Oh yah… and Kevbo is badass! Well played, sir.

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Congrats Kevbo!

I just crossed the 1K a few days ago & am amazed to be at nearly the 1.5K now

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Congrats Kebvo! here’s to another 10k!

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I am red, but not from the sun this time.

Many thanks, and once I compose myself, I’ll post more.

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Congrats! Speech?

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I’m loving the “siblings” that this question brought up ===>

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Congratulations! Here’s to 10,000 more. :)

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What took you so long? There must be a conspiracy deep within the Fluther algorithm.

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Alright! Go Kevbo, go!

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is it just me or does shilolo’s avatoar look like a characther from Monty Python’s the Holy Grail if you just give it a sideways glance?

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Kevbo, you are truly one of my favorite Flutherers. Pretty much every response you utter I admire. You the man.

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Congratulations Kevbo!

@shilolo, lol4rl!

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Congrats man.

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YAY! Kevbo!

Congrats on joining the club!
You’re definitely one of the cuter kids in there. ;)

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Well, go ‘head on with your bad self! Viking in the 10K house!

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Go Kevbo.

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Way to go Kevbo!

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Congrats, kevbo! I’m really glad “The Man” couldn’t keep you down.

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Maybe I’ll show you my tits in celebration, Kevie….

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@Sueanne_Tremendous, that is quite possibly the most thoughtful 10k gift ever. How could I ever thank you—hey! Wanna make out with my girlfriend?

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I might really kind of dig that, Kev. she buy into it ya think?

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Her turn ons include hot bodies, margaritas, and fiscally conservative politics, so yeah.

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Welcome Kevbo! We should all share in your good fortune.

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@PupnTaco: So we should all have our girlfriend/wife make out with Suanne_Tremendous?

Honey! C’mere for a minute!

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@Sueanne_Tremendous- Big deal! Show him something everybody hasn’t already seen.

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@AstroChuck Awww man, that’s low!

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@cprevite: don’t give her any ideas LOL

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Thank you one and all. Really. Thank you.

As I was telling @Harp, I was hoping nobody would notice, but now that you have it feels pretty good. ;-)

It really has been a fun ride so far. Lots of lolz, learning and lechery, which is a good thing because I’m never getting these 20 months back.

For me, there’s been a lot of value in the distilled discourse found here. It’s a blessing, because it has accelerated my discoveries of truths—and a curse, because it makes so many real life conversations exercises in convention and mediocrity.

Anyway, you all (both commenting and uncommenting) are my peeps, and you’re great. Thanks.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: Damn it, woman! You didn’t offer me that. Hmpf!

We love lurve you, Kevbo. :)

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woo hoo! Congratulations @kevbo! Ice cream all around…

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Ah, I can’t believe I missed it! Sincere congrats, Kevbo!

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Missed this.


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How did I miss this? Congrats!

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