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Ever been stuck on a plane with a nice guy who thinks you like him because you talk to him? What to do?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) November 9th, 2007

A shortish flight found me locking eyes with a man who thought I was his soul mate. Suggestions?

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I don’t see the dilemma unless you thought he was your soul mate too. Is he stalking you? I’m confused

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The flight is over; you’ll never see him again. What is the issue?

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Take out a book and read. No more locking eyes then.

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Headphones. Laptop. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but I really have to get this finished before we land.”

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Thanks for the suggestions. Everything felt rude—I was sitting there holding the headphones, glancing out the window, looking at the movie screen. I had my book on my lap and we had talked about it. The issue was compounded perhaps because we are in the same field, and might actually meet again professionally. I felt somewhat captive and there was no place to move to. He has been calling but finally asked if I would prefer he didn’t call again, and said he wouldn’t. So, no big deal really, just awkward. Perhaps if it was a longer flight, I would have just said I have to read.

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Maybe he thinks you like him because you GAVE HIM YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

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The professional aspect is the key here. You needed to be polite. Turning away from him would have been rejection of a work related social exchange and it might have caused future awkwardness. You lost your private time on the flight, but who knows down the road where this business exchange might lead? As long as you express where the boundries are, which you did, everything should be OK. Don’t feel bad for rejecting him emotionally!

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We exchanged cards early in the conversation when it was all professional, before it became personal. So, susanc, that is how he got my number. And thanks joli for bringing in the professional aspect. I don’t feel at all bad rejecting him, just would have liked to have headed this off. Thanks for all your responses. Next time, no cards or numbers will be exchanged.

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