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Do you ever eat a meal served to you simply because "it's there", "it's paid for", "I'm just so damned hungry", etc.

Asked by getoffmylawn (175points) March 24th, 2009

We’re talking food that you would otherwise find totally unappealing, here

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Sure. If I go to somone’s house for dinner and they prepare something I wouldn’t normally eat, I will eat it to be polite.

When I was in Beijing, we ate all sorts of stuff we wouldn’t normally.

Plus, ya know, “free” and “food” are two of my three favorite ‘f’-words.

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Unfortunately for my waist line, yes. However, when I was a graduate student we called it non-selective foraging and we did it a lot.

As I have become better able to buy food, I have been able to cut down to some degree, and, as needed, have developed the fine art of hiding things under the lettuce to a veritable masterpiece.

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Welcome, Tom!

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I only eat when I’m hungry.

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A meal prepared for you is the best type of meal there is…I always make sure to cash in

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you need to turn your av upside down, Tom!

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Not any more. I did when I was young, but I have learned to speak up.

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yes, I have
I do
quite often

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Welcome to Fluther!

Depends. We were invited to a dinner hosted by my husband’s boss, I nibbled at the food and yes, I tried everything. I didn’t get huge portions of anything, so I wouldn’t waste food. Nothing very appealing to me, I’m not a veal eater.

For “normal” places, my mom’s house, best friend’s house…no. We’re pretty honest with each other and I am not offended if they don’t want or like what I prepared. my best friend hates cheese (how can anyone just hate cheese?), I did an oops and make a dinner that cheese was a big factor, she had a sandwich and salad for dinner. She was ok with it, so was I.

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Speaking for the general population of broke college students—yes, food is food when you’re starving and only have a buck fifty in your bank account. My significant other’s meal of choice while in school was spaghetti with ketchup, while a friend of ours made ground beef sammies, one slice of bread each.

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Many times. For me, many times someone has thought kindly to buy me a lunch or dinner unexpectedly without asking for details so I am grateful and I will eat as best I can.

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No, if it’s that unappealing, i still won’t eat it, free or not.

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@JellyB Excuse me. I spent ALL AFTERNOON making CHOCOLATE and TRUFFLE MUSHROOMS JUST FOR YOU!!! And you aren’t going to eat it??!! Frow you to the lions!

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@DutchCat There are no such cool things in Kansas such as lions…..

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@JellyB Who needs Lions? We haff Jelly Bean and all of your other cats that have run away from home and wound up in Kansas! Really, Jelly…. humph!

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@DutchCat LOL! I miss you D!!!!!

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