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I'm looking for ideas for an April Fool's Day dinner?

Asked by Alyanna (158points) March 24th, 2009

Maybe something like this meatloaf cake:

My daughter’s 7 now & really loves jokes, so I thought it would be fun to make a dinner with a twist for April Fool’s Day. I was thinking maybe I’d make a dinner that looks like dessert & a dessert that looks like dinner, though I’m open to other suggestions too. Anything fun & interesting!

She’s a typical kid, so it shouldn’t be anything too outlandish as far as flavors (& I don’t want to spend $100 for one meal), but I should have plenty of time to work on it and I have most kitchen & baking basics.

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Serve roadkill. It gets ‘em every time. No, not real roadkill, but that type of critter. I’m bringing curried beaver sausage to an early April potluck at work. It’s delicious stuff, but puts some people off for some reason.

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Hmmm…Fruit pizza is good for dessert. Could you make something like the meatloaf “cake” for dinner, then have dessert resemble dinner? And for the “drinks” you could make jello in your regular drink glasses and put it in the fridge with the straw in it so it “jells” with it sticking up?

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How ‘bout a turkey?

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How about a lady in a cake?

Probably a little too much, huh?

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I’ve gotten some great answers, thanks guys! :)

@dverhey A barbie in a cake is about as close as I’m willing to go :P

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Maybe some Jelled Juice to go along with it all?

and i’m serious this time

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Blue Mac & Cheese?

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I made roast rabbit on Easter once. Probably not anything you want to serve a young child, but it got some odd comments. My friends and family are used to me being a little odd, though. Try making a pie without adding any sweetener, that would be a surprise. :-)

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PB and macaroni.

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