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When you're having one of those "missing them" (ex b/f or g/f) moments, how do you handle it?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 24th, 2009

I’ve been really good about keeping my distance from my ex, but, there are times when I think about her and miss her like crazy. Keeping my distance from her is best, though.

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remember why it ended in the first place. There was some reason.

Plus overtime people change and grow in differet ways. She might not be the same person he once was.

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DO NO…DO NOT listen to any music that might make it worse lol ( I seem to have this problem)

Keep yourself really busy and occupy your mind.

try to get out right away and hang with friends or meet a new person.

Think about your future; don’t get stuck on the past.

Talk to your friends and get reassurance that you don’t need to go back to her.

It can be tough, but all I can really say is it will pass with time. You just have to get yourself through it.

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Take my dog for a walk (that’s what I used to do before I got married)

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I spend time doing things that are uniquely mine, and will not remind me of my ex.

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I’ll write or listen to music or read. Nothing wrong with holding onto the good things of memory as long as you can resist the contact them.

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I pay her mortgage and get over it pretty quickly.

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I hear a metallic voice that says-DANGER!!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!

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Think about something awful she did. It should cure you quickly.

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Seriously: I dig up my “Fuck you/bite me/whatever” attitude that everyone who was ever a teenager has somewhere stored deep inside.

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@delirium I know.. The words that are often repeated in my head: “that stupid bitch who broke my heart”

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I’m crying.

right now.

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I hug my pillow and cry.


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@aviona =( <<<hugs>>>

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I have to stop and remember all the awful things about them.

If it was meant to be, you wouldn’t have separated. Always keep this in perspective.

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Juniper offered something totally different to my question from last night. I can’t say it better than she did. Here’s her answer.

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just stop thinking about it and do something else

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@lynneblundell you make it sound oh-so-easy

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At this point, I don’t “handle” it. I just put my head down, grit my teeth, and hope like hell that it passes soon. Some wounds never truly heal.

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Love that avatar. The oddest cartoon ever created.

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