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My partner and I do on those days that our schedules overlap.

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Yes, everyday

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Now and then, mostly then. Work is within walking distance

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No. I find it way too wet.

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When I didn’t work from home, yes. I don’t really like to drive, so it was a little of trying to be more environment friendly and to save my sanity.

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I take the transit bus for 2hrs every day. I buspool.

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No, my bike only seats one. ;-)

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Nope. I need my car for work, and no one I know works in the area I do with the same hours (it’s residential). I wish I could carpool or ride my bike though!

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Nope, I walk :D Takes about 2,5 minutes, so I guess I’m lucky :P

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Just to afternoon crew practice with 3 other school buddies.

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