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Will you tell me your 6 word memoir on love and life?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) March 24th, 2009

It can only be six words.

It can’t be advice.

It must be a story.

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Live, Love, Love some more, Die.

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Wait. Hold on. I came late.

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hurt invisible happy forever hope help

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@kevinhardy That’s not a story!

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Loved (sometimes too much) many beings.

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Everything’s connected, but where’s the map?

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beautiful skin, mind like mine, sex.

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Born, grew, laughed, cried, hurt. Loved.

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Growing, Learning, Experiencing, Sharing, Caring, Loving.

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Beautifully confusing chaos I yearn for

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@Bluefreedom That’s not a story!

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@boots. When you think about the context of those 6 words and how it applies to the evolution of someone’s life, it is most definitely a story.

You don’t tell a complete story in only 6 words and the question’s details didn’t say the six words had to form a regular sentence. Using a little imagination doesn’t hurt one bit.

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Loved, lost, loved at great cost.

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Learning love, letting go of fear.

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@Bluefreedom I see the progression.

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@cak. Thank you and I knew you would. Lurve for the choices in your answer, my friend.

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Nerd who was unafraid of commitment.
Is that really a story?

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@Allie. It might not be a story but it is sentimental and appealing nonetheless. Good for you. Lurve. =)

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@Bluefreedom thanks!

@Allie – good story. :)

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Love, Naive, Depression, LOVE, happiness.

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He and I are no longer together.

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@Allie Now that’s one that I really like.

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@boots Not sure which part you’re talking about, but… umm… thanks? =\

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@Allie What’s whispered.

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Dreams gone till a second dawn.

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@Dog very nice :)

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know loss to appreciate gain, faith

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Had an angel, chased a devil.

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One hit can heal nine misses

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always remember, this too shall pass.

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Youth, love. Hurt, shield. Weapon, sorry.

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i saw him on, love

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Lived long enough to find love

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Born screaming, lived loudly, died laughing.

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@oneword. At least you’re true to your screen name, right? =)

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@3or4monsters – Interesting. Should we interpret your “death” figuratively? Or are are you here to give us a message from the other side?

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felt the fear, but tried anyhow

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Scared. Thrashed around. Stopped. Tried again.

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Bullied Bruised Broken ReBorn

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Wildly passionately danced through the chaos.

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I really masturbate way too much.

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Lived without fear knowing too much.

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Three boys. One man. So loved.

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@shadling21 haha! While were all bound to change a little bit from time to time, I pretty sure that finding joy in every second of life (even the last one!) won’t change. Unless it’s sudden and unexpected, in which case I hope I’m laughing about something else at the time and don’t see it coming.

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Once sad. Then mad. Now happy.

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You love, you lose, you learn.

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He won me over with belief.

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Jump, hon. You’ll always bounce back.

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Fell in love with blondesjon’s charm.

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Fell in love with jonsblond’s everything.

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Move forward even if you crawl.

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@Dog, if I could I’d give you ten great answers for that. Brilliant. Thank you.

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Yes a definite winner. In the new category of six line poetry you get the award. Makes mine look completely lame.

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Forgot where to go, went anyway.

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I love every single person alive.

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Killing me softly with his song.

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Neither half full nor empty glasses

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Internet distracts. I have no life.

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Wishing, Hoping, Willing, Giving, Loving, Living.

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life sucks… but eventually you die.

thats cheery!

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Hmmm. 6 word memoir on love and life?

Live? Try love! Then you die.

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When I wizz I eat cheese!

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Never say never, you never know.

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Birth, school, work, love, parent, death

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I came, I saw, I conquered.

(You didn’t say that had to be originial did you???)

Okay, how about,

I lived, loved my life completely.

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Don’t like it, Don’t do it!

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Moved many times finally settled down.

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Made mistakes. Found Christ, grace, love.

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