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If you were to completely change your life, how would you do it?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) March 25th, 2009

This is a whimsical question. Your dreamer is invited.

I forbid anyone here from asking, “Well, how are you going to make that happen?” : )

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I’ll model what I have in mind. Whoa, I just got nervous.

If I were to completely change my life, I would start by moving out of this house. And I wouldn’t stop there. I’d move out of this town, out of this county. I’d find a completely different place to live. It’d be a place where there was community woven into the fabric of people’s lives. There is a big community garden, and high priority placed on food security and ushering in the coming age. It is a learning community, a place where classes happen, formal and informal. Lovely guests come in and out. There is lots of singing and lovemaking. Open communication is practiced with courage, vulnerability, and commitment. People are really happy. Ridiculously happy. The happiness is contagious.

It helped to close my eyes to get going.

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hmmm i like your answer…might come with you… but I’ll have a little think about ym own first…be back later… loving the question!!!

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Adam, that sounds lovely. I’d like to live in that place, too.

For the time being, I’d have to take a more pragmatic approach since I’m a mommy. I’m not up for leaving the country just yet.

I’d like to change our involuntary unemployment status to a situation of being unemployed by choice. That is to say… working for ourselves at something we love. I’d paint, create and write – and someone would be willing to pay me for it! My husband could grow beautiful trees, and sell them only to people who would appreciate and care for them. Perhaps he’d give history talks on the side. We’d move back to my old home town (not far from here), and live on a lovely acreage. We’d have room for a tree nursery, and an old barn for my workshop/studio. That’s my version of heaven on earth.

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@augustlan Your answer touches my heart. I’ll be wishing for its fulfillment.

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Aw, thanks. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy! Sending good thoughts your way as well. :)

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I would live 100% sustainably and off-the-grid—solar energy, an electric car, an atmospheric water generator, a private indoor garden, a large library of books, and a lot of free time to write and think and be creative.

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I’m a firm believer that if you can realize your desires, and truely desire them, you can obtain it. By no means do I live the dream life, I have responsibilities and limitations, but at the same time I’ve never really desire the most lavish life in the world. I have a good family, close friends and a pretty girlfriend. I play in a band that dreams of playing for the masses when we’re doing a show in a small bar. I have a good job and I’m going to the college I want and studying what I want I’ve lived in four different places and visited 23 different countries and hopefully more are on the way… all in all it’s enough for me at the moment, down the road I’ll want more than this, but for now, I’m happy, and that’s good enough.

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Move to Italy.

Become a bike mechanic.

Fall in love with a beautiful Italian girl.

Live simply.

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I’d live in NW London and have a production company making films and TV shows. I’d be married. I’d have a lot less fear and self-consciousness about many things. I’d be more disciplined about taking care of myself and showing more kindness to people around me. I wouldn’t be so afraid of people. I wouldn’t ruminate so much. I’d convince Michael Palin to act just one more time – in a drama.

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On a smaller scale, I will be when I move to another city later this year that’s thousands of miles from everyone I know. I know I’ll reinvent myself, in a way, because I feel stifled here and haven’t been able to truly “be” who I am.

On a larger scale, I would move to Ireland, adopt 10 or so children, publish my poetry, write a few best-selling novels and spend that money making other people’s lives as rich (metaphorically) as mine.

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I would move to Neq Zealand, taking my boyfriend along as well. I’d work as a freelance translator, while he worked in his field.

Realistically though, my life will drastically change in a few months anyway, even if I’ll be living in the same city, still working on completing my degree.

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I would make myself happy, which I am still figuring out how to do.

But to answer your question: I would get the fuck out of here too, even though it is a wonderful place and I’ll probably end up back here. Maybe I’d move to Spain and bring a certain someone along with me. And we’d most likely go to school and be very poor. Or New York.

This is so unrealistic. Except for the being poor part.

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This is the place for unrealistic.

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@Trustinglife – Mine is definitely within the realm of possibilities; I just need to get off my hump and make them happen. But I haven’t done so.

I’m skeered. I don’t even know what I’m afraid of. I guess I’m so used to being where and how I am that I would need to make massive changes in the way I think and behave, which would feel like I’m losing my self, even though the “self” I am now was better suited for me as a child than as an adult.

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I already did this once in my life. When I finished college, I left home and hitch-hiked to NYC. I spent a few weeks getting used to the place, found a job in the financial district, rented me a cute little apartment on Gramercy Park and had the time of my life living in the big city. This idyllic existence lasted for a year. My bubble burst when my apartment was robbed of EVERYthing in it, including the light bulbs. I went back home to SC but I took some FABULOUS memories with me.

If I were to make the big change again, it would be to buy a motorhome and travel across the US with my now-home as a home base. I love my life like it is, and other than the desire to travel, I couldn’t ask for things to be much better.

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1) I’m jealous of you finishing college!
2) I’m jealous of all of your NY road trip/experiences
3) I’m sorry you got robbed, but glad that you are grateful for the memories.

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I would have my penis shortened. It would free up a lot more “me time” that I missed out on.

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I’d leave this wonderful job and move back to Montana to be near my family. They are more important than any job.

Then I’d get three or four dogs from the pound and live up at my parents’ cabin on the lake. I’d kayak and hike all day and hang out with my mom at night.

And I’d try one more time with him. Just once more, but a good, solid try.

It’s not really that impossible. But I would miss so many things about this life! Why did I assume that “change” meant leaving something so completely?

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@juniper So heartfelt – what a great answer.

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I would never start drinking pop.

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There are many ways to do that, i could try to redacted the President Elect, and Gitmo might become my new home for a good long while, that would certainly be a major change.

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