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Do you ever talk dirty in front of your kids?

Asked by Benny (917points) March 25th, 2009

This morning my wife was rushing my 8 year old daughter off to school while I was eating breakfast. My daughter was sniffling and my wife said, “You need a blow!” I called down, “I could use a blow too!” My daughter yelled, “What?” I said, “My nose is stuffy!”

My wife just rolled her eyes and left.

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hah good idea. when the kid laughs that’s when you know they’re learning the dirty words in school.

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My parents did sometimes, I think it was funny for them to see my reaction more than anything. Ugh dont like thinking about it.

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I don’t have kids, but whether or not I talk dirty depends on their age. Under 16, I watch my mouth. Sure, I knew most all the dirty words and phrases by 10, but it weirded me out when adults spoke that way in my presence or to me.

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@aprilsimnel I have chronic sinus problems and two recent sinus surgeries, so my saying I needed to blow my nose wasn’t out of the ordinary. My daughter had no idea what I was joking about.

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Well, puns are different. Most little kids aren’t up on puns like that, sure. I meant out-and-out dirty.

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@aprilsimnel Oh, I agree. I would never say, for example, “Come fuck me baby” or anything like that. We’re actually very VERY careful in our language around her as she has ears like a bat.

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You naughty boy.

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Always tried to avoid that. In a few cases I failed.

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Well, my son is 35 so it really doesn’t matter if I let the occasional “F” bomb slip!

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@VS My 22 year old nephew came backpacking with us a couple of years ago. He heard plenty of cussing from me as we were humping up a particularly steep hill.

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Once I said that it was raining so much I got mud all over the carpet.

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No. And I wish my son wouldn’t talk dirty in front of me. He is only fourteen but does it to shock us. Instead he gets in trouble.

OTOH he claims I talk dirty to him – I say things like “Clean your room” and “Do your homework” and “No, you can’t” and he just hates it.

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They’re going to hear the words anyway at school. It’s like anything else. If I drink a beer in front of my children, they dont drink it because I’ve instilled in them that they have to wait until they’re older. I tell them, “you can talk like that when you are older.” Kids can see through when an adult is being fake.

I think if you explain to them that there are “grown-up” words and mommy and daddy use them sometimes when they drop heavy things on their feet or hammer their thumb, then it’s okay.

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@redstripe11 I agree, although I just generally avoid the issue by not saying adult words in front of her any time. Although sometimes I slip—I was watching a basketball game and there was a bad call by a ref. I yelled, “What the HELL was that?” She caught me.

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As a younger child, I don’t remember my parents using bad words much. Now they mostly use them when angry. And so do I, of course. I will also occasionally use them casually in front of my parents and they don’t mind. I don’t really use bad words in public, though, and neither do my parents.

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Generally no, but some dirty words have slipped on a couple of occasions.

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My kids pick up on bad language too.

Remember the scene from High Anxiety – pee pee envy?:

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Only after they’ve grown up to adulthood, and then I will occasionally crack the dirty joke.

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