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How can i transfer downloaded movie files onto DVD from a mac?

Asked by Dr_C (14334points) March 25th, 2009

I’ve dondloaded a few “DVD rip” files and would like to put them on DVD… they seem small enough but iDvd makes the files huge and they won’t fit into a disc no matter how much i fiddle with the format, etc.

Is there some other app out there (preferably free) that i can use? i really neeed the hard disk space!

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Use toast, although it’s cheap but not free.

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yeah… have handbrake… see no way of burning a DVD from handbrake… tried though…

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@c_gunningham my problem is not with ripping the dvd’s… it’s with pre-ripped files i download as torrents….

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just get toast then, should do the trick.

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Burn is free an open-source. Toast isn’t required, though it is the most powerful for sure.

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@StellarAirman you sir are truly stellar.
I would say an Officer and a Gentleman but i’m not sure if the officer part applies :p

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I use Divx Pro for all my torrents that I download, it even supports the new HD format as well. Very easy to use, and puts pretty much any format onto disc for you.

Where ever it is you go for downloads, I’m sure you can find a torrent for Divx, Toast, or whatever software you’d like to try. But I use Divx for making all my DVD’s, and I have quite the collection.

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@RandomMrdan i knew you’d show up on this thread… once again sir you do not dissapoint…
Follow up question (I’m a computer idiot so…) i have Divx converter… will this not do it for me? or is your advice to just torrent toast?

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nah, use Divx. This is what you do step by step.

1: open divx player
2: put in a blank disc
3: click and drag your movie file to the right side of the player that looks like a CD, and you should see it fill a percentage of the disc based on the size of the disc and the movie.
4: click burn in the bottom right of the player window.

Now, this works really well for me, and I’m hoping it does for you. But in order to play these divx movies, it really helps if you have a DVD player that supports the format. This is the DVD player I use, it upconverts to 1080P which is nice, and includes the HDMI cable as well. If you don’t have one already, the one I linked you to is a good choice. I have a collection of probably 150 downloaded movies now that I put on Divx discs, and the quality is amazing after the upconversion from my player.

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@RandomMrdan i only wish i had more lurve to give…. thanx much

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no problem =)

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@RandomMrdan so i tried burn and got nowhere.. then i downloaded toast 10 platinum through a torrent site like you said… OMFG i love this thing.

thanx to everyone who answered! i owe you big.

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haha, have fun enjoying your new movies =)

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