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What "will you" or what do you stand in line for?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) March 25th, 2009

ya just gotta have it, even if it means standing several minutes or several hours. or it can even be an item that everybody just has to have. or it could be food!

aside from shopping frenzy “black friday,” the day after thanksgiving, what do you stand in line for—no matter what time of year? why do you need it so bad? what is it?

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Radiohead tickets.

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i need cubs tix. will stand in line for that fer sure!

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Well I live on Long Island and EVERYTHING is a line. In the city it’s an even bigger line.

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one evening in las vegas, i stood and waited for an hour to get into margaritaville. i had a magarita with salsa and chips around noon (with no waiting) and the cocktail was so good, i had to go back. went back around 8 or 9 and the place was jam-packed. folks falling into vats and tanks of the green stuff. entertaining to watch, but the wait to get a table was worth the experience.

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A grande soy two-pump iced vanilla latte at Starbucks. I have to have it. I’ll wait for as long as is necessary. It’s totally stupid.

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U2 tickets

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@jamzzy what’s rita’s? oh please do tell. food to die for??? where?

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Anything I can eat. Rollercoasters. Ben Folds tickets. A much anticipated movie.

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when i travel, i want to know where the local food digs and dives are.

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I really do mean this in the most respectful way but fuck lines.

I would stand in line to see everyone who ever got up at three in the morning, to stand in line, the day after Thanksgiving get collectively slapped in the back of their heads Moe Howard style.

If you camped out the night before you are required to wear a shirt bearing the emblem DIPSHIT for a full year.

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Disneyland, that’s about it.

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@SeventhSense HAHA! I’m from the Island too and it’s true, EVERY SINGLE THING is a line! hahaha

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@Blondesjon hmmmmm, quite insightful and provocative. i do see your point though.

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security line at the airport to get the hell out of dodge!

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A good movie or a good restaurant, but no more than 20–30 minutes.

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Definitely concert tickets. I think that’s the only thing I’ve ever stood in line for hours waiting for.

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shows. that’s basically the only thing i’ll stand in line for a ridiculous amount of time for. i don’t care how loserish/fangirly that makes me seem haha.

i arrived at a venue to see the used for the first time with my best friend at 9am for a 7pm show. but did everyone get to play bingo with them? no. did my friend and i? hell yeah. so i think it was worth it (to me, anyway).

but black friday? i refuse. i think it’s a really disgusting (though i won’t doubt its accuracy) portrayal of over obsession with material items. like, it’s just a day based around being as violently repulsive as possible to get a sale. ugh.—but that is a whole other thread!

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I’m sure at some point in my life, I’ll be waiting in line for that “it” toy for my child.
I would wait in line for concert tickets, but it’d have to be something I was really excited about, or a gift for someone I care about.

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Lupie’s. Just a great little place to eat in Charlotte, NC. Great food, not a fancy place. Sometimes, it’s pretty crowded, but it moves fast. I do love that all people in your party must be there to get your table. You aren’t stuck waiting for people that aren’t even there yet!

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If I want something enough to leave the house for it, I will wait as long as it takes. I have no problem with lines. I’m not in a rush. I’ve nothing better to do.

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A good beer.

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@cak what is Lupie’s food or specialty?

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ever heard of “crazy chicken?” for some reason, people stood in long lines this week in summit, illinois for the chicken and different salsas. they nearly ran out of chicken from the high demand.

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I haven’t stood in line for anything except at Six Flags in New Jersey to get on a ride in the last 5 years. That ride was Nitro. It went pretty quickly. I think I was on it 5 times in 15 minutes! Oh, wait, I stand in line for a few minutes every year to get on The Cyclone at Coney Island. And I look forward to standing in a line for a roller coaster I’ve heard a lot about in Blackpool, England. From what I hear, it goes underground! Is that true??!

So I’ll stand in line for roller coasters, apparently.

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@charliecompany34 – It’s a well-established restaurant in Charlotte. They serve anything from Southern cooking (chicken and dumplings – yum!), quiche, huge hamburgers and even vegetarian dishes. Their chili is great, too. It’s just one of those places that everything just tastes good. Nothing fancy, just great food. (I’m ready for a dinner at Lupie’s)

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@cak just what i’m talking about. thanks for the tip. i love local places where people “WANT” it!

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choconilla pie and coffee at the raw deal.

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Aerosmith Rockin Roller coaster at Disney World.

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Barack – anywhere, any time.

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@charliecompany34you are welcome! I just love that place. After I talked about it last night, I started talking to my hubby and we’re going on Saturday. Is it Saturday yet?

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I would stand in line for a Klondike Bar.

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im gonna stand in line next month for an “Antic Cafe” concert in san francisco for at least 12hrs. Gonna get there early so i can be in the pit.

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