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Is there a place we can find our own past quips/comments, or even those of other users?

Asked by resmc (749points) March 25th, 2009

If this isn’t currently a feature, it’s by **far** the one most-wanted (personally).

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You can search for the person’s name, in the search box to the upper right.

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@resmc: It’s in the works…

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@ben Good feature, looking forward to it.

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@ben Awesome!! Thanks :-)

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@ben Thanks. On wis, Cris and I used to follow each others comments so we could keep up with what the other was doing. It was a way to keep up with interesting conversations without stumbling around since we’re like-minded (although I will eat a cow and she won’t!)

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@ben much Lurve!

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You can see the past 25 questions from a user on their profile.

@ben: horay!

@Benny: If you add each other to your fluthers you’ll get some overlap of activity if you’re both into the same kind of thing.

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@ben – Good Answer!

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I hope it includes a feature where you can download everything you’ve written here at once.

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@petethepothead I haven’t understood yet the whole “adding to your fluther” thing, but I’m starting to get it.

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@daloon That feature’s urgently needed on our old site, before it shuts down. Would be nice to have it here. [though admittedly i’m not as very anxious (and a bit worried, in all honesty) about that]

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