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What can I do when I feel lonely and bummed out late at night?

Asked by juniper (1899points) March 25th, 2009

Sometimes I just feel a little bummed out. It usually happens at night, when I’m alone and it’s too late to bother people and too late to leave the house.

I don’t know what to do with myself when this happens….how can I cheer myself up?

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Fluther furiously.

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Hit the Fluther chatroom.

Downers welcome.

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Seriously, they’re right. Fluther has helped me ease my night pains. When i’m starting to dwell/get upset I head to here. There’s always someone up that’s willing to make me laugh (even if they don’t know they are).

I’d also recommend taking your mind off stuff…read a book, watch a movie, etc.

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Fluther and go to the chat room. Fluther is awesome for curing the blues. Or at least making them a bit lighter.

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i would watch tv, go on computer, talk to someone, read a book, etc…

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Maybe you are tired. Go to sleep.

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@tinyfaery, I have a little problem with insomnia…I wish I could go to sleep.

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@juniper Me too, but I have drugs for it. ;)

Try a hot bath with Epsom Salt. Don’t read or do anything. Soothing music at a low volume and dim lighting wouldn’t hurt either. Don’t stay in the bath longer than 15 min. Then get into bed. You’ll feel all warm and yummy. Couldn’t hurt.

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@tinyfaery, yeah, the warm water does help a lot. I’ll do that tonight.

I think the mild sadness and the insomnia are related. One feeds the other. It’s only sometimes, though. And I’m okay in the morning. Still, those long hours during the night are the worst.

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@juniper I get into the exact same situation. Have you tried melatonin? It really helps me a lot. A melatonin pill, a mug of sleepy time tea and some nice music really helps me a lot.

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@juniper Get the Epsom Salt. It’s super cheap and will make all the difference.

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Too bad Clinton outlawed it, you could be taking GHB, now the pharmaceutical companies have gobbled up the once illegal profit, and disguised it. It was the best natural high and sedative I ever enjoyed. You would surely sleep, and beforehand be very content. A nontoxic high, no hangover, the body produces it, it rejuvenates and amplified muscle, sex, euphoria, but could make you very sleepy- if not careful- that was the problem and the end for it. If you weren’t careful with it, there could be, and were problems. People knew it, and used it in devious ways, and as result No Mo!

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Juniper, I never sleep at night so I’m pretty much always here. Feel free to PM me at any hour!

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@juniper : I feel the same way!! I keep a book in my nightstand that I only read when I feel alone at night. So if theres nothing good on T.V. but Im not that tired, I go to bed and start reading.
Im also here every night!!! Big hug..

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I have the same phenomenon of loneliness. I usually try to read an exciting book, eat comfort food, and watch a familiar old movie like The Big Sleep or Double Indemnity or the like. You can always drunk dial an old girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Is there any friend you have that you can call late? That usually helps me out a lot.

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You guys are great. Thank you so much. And I slept last night! Grateful.

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Good for you. I forgot to mention fluther as a tool to combat loneliness.

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