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Any funny conservatives? Or is "funny" just for liberals?

Asked by MCBeat (164points) March 25th, 2009

I’m an Ann Coulter fan, who is as right-wing as they come. I don’t believe in everything she says (MOST of what she says), but she’s fresh to hear from, and has a different perspective than most. She’s one of the few conservatives who is fun to hear from, although she is not a comic, just a writer. Are there any funny conservatives out there in the media to entertain me? The only political humor is for the left-wing. I love Stewart & Colbert, I really do, but I don’t agree with them all the time. Any suggestions about conservative writers or conservative comedians? I would appreciate the help. I’m not a total conservative, I did vote for Obama (mainly just because of Biden, I didn’t care for Obama or McCain… my heart broke when Edwards dropped out of the race), and everytime I take those crazy quizzes abut whether I’m a Democrat or a Republican, it always turns out 50/50. So whoever you think of doesn’t have to be super right-wing, just more conservative than most.

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Brian Regan, He is a comedian and I would consider him conservative because he doesn’t use bad language in his routines. Very funny though.

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I love hate Ann Coulter too. Did you consider O’Reilly?

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I think Ann Coulter is funny all right, just not funny ha ha, more like funny in the head.

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I like O’Reilly, but he’s not incredibly entertaining.

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P. J. O’Rourke is the only one I can think of.

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@MCBeat You’re right. More like scary.

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@johnpowell thanks, i’ll check him out =)

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I voted for Obama but I think McCain is hilarious. He was great on SNL and on that charity roast thing. Liberals tend to be funnier, but mad props to McCain. I’m tired of all those “old” jokes though. The only thing older than a McCain joke is McCain.

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O’Reilly is like a cheesy horror flick. Cabin Fever comes to mind. So much cheese, you’ve got to laugh.

Dennis Miller also comes to mind.

@johnpowell lurve

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You believe in what Coulter says?

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I’ve always wondered if what Ann Coulter’s doing is performance art.

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The woman does know how to sell books. She’s not dumb, but she is an attention whore.

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@casheroo i take half of what she says with a grain of salt.

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