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Where can I find the complete text of the 1832 version of Tennyson's "The Lotos-Eaters"?

Asked by bob (3193points) November 11th, 2007

I can find the 1842 version easily enough, but I can’t find the earlier version, which was published in 1832. Google isn’t being helpful.

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Grr. I bet Askville could find it for me.

Just kidding.

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I’m not familiar with the poem, so I’m not certain that that’s the complete text. There’s a commentary on the history of the poem here:

If neither of those is right, your best bet is to visit a nearby university library or else a well-funded public library. There a reference librarian can (1) direct you to the appropriate online database, such as Literature Online (LION), to find a digital copy, or else, if necessary (2) direct you to a hard copy. If the 1832 text is a pre-revision version, you may need either a really great online database (there may be one that specializes in 19th-c. poetry), or else a decent university library with holdings in rare books from the nineteenth century…in which case you could end up with a first-edition hard copy in your hot little hands…which would be really cool.

Hope this helps.


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Your second link is the version I’m looking for, but unfortunately they only include the end of the poem.

I’ll check Lion—I didn’t know about that database—and ask my local librarian. Thanks for the help.

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