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What would make you happy?

Asked by Zen (7748points) March 26th, 2009
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To be able to relocate anywhere in the galaxy with a select few people and the ability to access the internet.

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I made a pledge to be happy every day for the rest of my life. I am in charge of how I choose to feel, and I am happy.

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Happy forever?
Then only God can help us happy.

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I believe a happy person is necessarily someone who has created great memories for themselves. and there’s never a bad time to start doing this.

memories of healthy food eaten and memories of a healthy lifestyle are foundational.
the rest is more-so about pleasant memories. (trips, a job you like, good friends, new things learned, family..)

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not being sick right now? xD

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Being healthy would make me happy. It’s such a slow process…

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Not being in pain everyday, all day.
Finding a job!

Note: The two things don’t really go well together at the moment!

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@Zen tx =D I feel better already cough cough

On a grander scale.. what would make me happy?... self actualization I guess? =D

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@NaturalMineralWater: This is so cool. Thanks. I now see how we can interact and know when someone is online. I hadn’t seen that before (well, it’s only my second day).

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@A: I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in pain all the time. I hope you get better soon. :-)

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@augustlan – Hooray, chronic pain solidarity. [terrorist fist-bump] We’ll get there someday, dammit!

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@MacBean w00t for chronic pain!

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For my friends to come home from Iraq safe and sound

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@Yarnlady nailed it. If I coulod give her a trillion lurve I would. You choose every moment of every day how you are going to react to and feel about things.

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A billion dollars, tax free.

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I’m a little confused. I like this question but it seems awfully similar to “Are you lucky” (a question that was removed by the moderators). I read the guidelines but I really don’t understand the difference. I’ve never had any problems with my questions being removed but I always ask very specific inquiries. I would be happy if we could all carry on these communications without malice and anger. This is not to say we should all agree on every topic. All I want is to discuss and debate these topics with intelligence and courtesy.

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I’m with @Yarnlady… I have been through so much and have finally learned that happiness really does come from within. And so my answer is that I am happy already, and will remain so through all of life’s ups and downs.

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Getting into the grad school of my dreams.
The damn coffee shop being open when it says it will be.

The first is something I hope will happen. The second could actually happen any day…
how do they stay in the black??? they are never open!!

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I would be elated if the economy would make a quick and full recovery.

Our ability to sustain ourselves has diminished so greatly that to survive means living under nearly constant stress.

It would be a great relief to have that stress lifted.

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If she comes back to me.

Dear, I miss her so much.

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When our cold temps leave & hot weather comes. I’m SICK of winter! That’ll make me happy.

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Having money (which would lead to other things that make me happy), being healthy, living in a warm climate, having a doggie, not having to be away from my babe for longer than a work day

mattbrowne's avatar coming to terms with the new situation. It will take some time which is okay. I’m also still very sad about the shutdown. But Fluther is a great place to be.

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Getting an erection makes me happy :D

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I would be happy if I could take time back, but since thats never going to happen, I’m happy just to spend a night-in with my sister watching movies and eating ice cream!

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@DragonFace Being on the receiving end makes ME happy. ;-)

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Making music, writing fiction or memoir, and fluthering all the time (each in turn).

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Right now? My husband would go get us milk, so I can have cereal and put our son down for his nap. I’d be ecstatic.

Longterm, we’d be able to figure out a way to pay for school, for my husband..he’d get his degree and it’d be easier for him to find work. I’d finish school and help support my family. It would work out perfectly. We’re not even close yet :(

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My husband coming back from Afghanistan safe and healthy

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Me. That is what makes me happy. I learned long ago that you cannot depend on anyone else to “make” you happy. It is a state of mind. You can wake up and decide to be happy. Or you can wake up and decide that life sucks and you are miserable. Your choice. I pick happy.

and prayers for zepher’s husband in Afghanistan.

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@zephyr826 that would make us all happy. To get our soldiers home & safe.

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I would be very happy if I found out that my unit’s orders to go to Afghanistan next year were cancelled.

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Sunshine and warm weather usually works for me.

But I don’t want Blue to have to go either and I want zephyr’s husband to come home safe too.

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@zephyr826. Prayers and best wishes for your husband and a brother-in-arms.

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not having to move out of my apartment building
that would do it right now

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@zephyr826 Prayers for your husband and for all the brave soldiers there, and everywhere they protect our freedom and democracy.

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there are many things that would make me happy, does it have to be just one thing?

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@hyperlilredhead No darling. And it would be nice if you would stop answering questions with a question. That’s very Jewish.

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is it bad if I answer a question with a question even if I’m not jewish?

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@hyperlilredhead I dare you to answer a question with an answer.

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@hyperlilredhead did you just say no to me?

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would I do such a thing? maybe we should stop?

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I would say that right now, I would be happy just knowing I got the house I want. But there is always so much more.

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to see my daughter smile again

A child’s smile is the most amazing thing. Especially if it’s your own child. But imagine how much more that meant to me after I’d seen her cry almost daily for 2 years. And how much it will mean next time too :)

parents can start to imagine what I mean

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@Jack79 , how old is your daughter? If she’s a teenager, this too shall pass. Until it does, we’re pulling for you.

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She’s 4 today. Long story. She has stared Death in the eye twice, and Death ran away crying. I don’t think the people holding her captive stand a chance in Hell. Especially with me on her side. Pretty pissed off right now as you can imagine. Sorry. Will go answer something else.

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I may not know what is going on with your daughter, but I have a 4 year old daughter myself and can only attempt to imagine what you might be going through. If you ever want to talk (about anything), I’m here for you.

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@Jack79 Take up Hyper on it. She’s a great lady, and a wonderful friend.

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