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What could get me banned from Fluther?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30943points) March 26th, 2009

Describe what has caused others to get kicked off, perhaps unjustly so. Does Fluther demand that we be nice? Is there any benefit to heated debating or is this site just another virtual social handshake pretending to claim Nirvana?

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Racism, thankfully fluther takes positive action against racist users

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Excessive use of text-speak. You would think excrement and sex but that seems OK to the mods, for the life of me I don’t know why.

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Heated debating happens, but it has to be intelligent. You can’t degenerate into “you suck! and are wrong because you are stupid!” it has to stay pretty well thought out. The mods won’t interrupt a good debate unless it looks like it is about to get out of hand. Then someone might come in and remind people to keep it civil—not to stop, but to make attacks against the other person’s argument, not the other person.

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Nice is relative; civility is always in favor.

During my tenure, I can’t think of anyone who has been unjustly banned.

Most all of us have had questions modded or removed, for various reasons. It’s usually very easy to see the rationale and make corrections.

We have had blatant trolls and self aggrandizing attention mongers get banned; generally, we cheer when that happens.

No, this site is not just another virtual social handshake pretending to claim Nirvana. Heated debates take place daily and are an expected part of the social aspect. However, when they denigrate to name calling and personal attacks; they become pointless. Therefore, our mods are invaluable.

Excessive text-speak, atrocious spelling, and poorly prepared questions all diminish the integrity of the site and are frowned upon. Thank goodness.

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Asking questions that have already been asked and then claiming to not know they were asked when you obviously KNOW that it was asked because you answered it MIGHT qualify, I don’t know…
I haven’t actually been here long enough to make enough mistakes or be a big enough ass to get banned.

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How does someone “KNOW” when a question has already been asked? I come from a galaxy far away so these are new concepts. In my previous life, no one was expected to search for a question before they asked one. Those who answered were usually considerate enough to provide a link to any similar recent questions.

Over time, many similar questions have been asked… which begs the question, “How much time must pass before a repetitive question is acceptable”?

As well, being new here, I don’t know what the term “excessive text-speak” means. Some debating requires excessive text, especially when accompanied by reference materials. What is “speak”?

Are there mind readers on this site who KNOW what I “obviously KNOW” because they think I answered it so it “MIGHT” qualify? This path of logic confuses me and seems to promote impatience.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: Upper right hand corner, the Google box. If you type in a topic – you’ll see what we mean. Often, if you ask a question that has been answered before, somebody will send you a link to the previous question.

Yes, there are many repeat questions and there is no real acceptable time for repeat. Use the search and if nothing comes up…ask away.

Excessive text speak isn’t hard to figure out – you can also Google that. atm, btwn unme, dw idc!

I don’t know if there are mind readers on this site. Your impatience is contagious; I’m feeling it myself.


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Something’s burning.

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Asking a question that’s not a question repeatedly.

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[mod says:] If you consistently go against the guidelines even after several mod PMs asking you to stop that. Typically, we give a few “please don’t do that” PMs, then a final warning, and then a ban. It is a long process that includes a lot of discussion both among mods and between mod and user. We are careful about our bans.

Response moderated
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are you trying, or trying to avoid?

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cliche screen names

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@Phil <bumps fists> BOO-YOW!!

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@lazydaisy Just being myself dear. I’ve tried to be a polite as possible… left sarcasm crying on the doorsteps of Wiz…

Poetic Philosophers get the Raw deal around here. Is anyone allowed to think for themselves?

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Generally speaking, being blatantly disrespectful of people here (personal attacks such as “you’re an idiot who is also ugly”), or willfully ignoring the site guidelines (using txtspeak, asking the question “What’s your favorite color?”) may get you banned. But in my experiences people are given warnings for inappropriate behaviour before they are banned, and only rarely are new accounts banned after posting one or two comments/questions (these are often spammers or trolls).

You don’t have to be nice, but you do have to be respectful.

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Has anyone been banned, or do they just quit?

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I think Steve (TheIowaCynic) got banned.

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