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Does anybody here feel like time is going by faster??

Asked by Jaybee (220points) November 11th, 2007
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yes – this year is going by so fast for me and i have so much stuff to get done before the end of this year

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The measument of time is arbitrary. It will go as fast or as slow as you want it to.

But more to your point I do find that personally it seems like time is flying by. With work, two small children and family to keep up with there isn’t much to sit around and wait for. Most of the time things are waiting on me.

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The older you get, the faster it flies by.

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@syz – Amen to that!

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Here’s a thought on why time passes more quickly the older you get. It’s all about perception. Remember how long it took for a year to pass when you were five years old? Or ten? That’s because at five a year represented 20% of your lifetime. At ten, a year represented 10%. At 20, a year was 5% and so on. So the older you get, a year represents a smaller and smaller percentage of your perceived “eternity.”

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@syz I agree with you but I also say it practically crawls by when I am working in the office. Then I get home and have to go right back to work again.

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As we travel thru time we grow taller and time becomes shorter relatively. So yes time would seem to go “faster”. It’s really simple to uderstand if your tall

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Yes this school year went by fast! I wonder if it will be the same with 8th grAde =^,^=

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