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Question for those in same sex relationships: what do you call your s/o: lover, partner, bf,gf, husband wife - or just plain ol significant other?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) March 26th, 2009
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<—-Hangs head. I am such a nickname person, it is a wonder he does not have an identity crisis. I used to call him Tiger when we were dating. I call him Bunkie (as in bunkmate) and, sometimes, Snorky (don’t ask).

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@Marina:You might want to read the question one more time. ha ha!

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I call Jenn my partner when introducing her. And, if the circumstances are right I usually follow with “and I don’t mean business partner”.

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Oops. Oh, well. Sorry for wandering in from lala land and mucking up your Q.

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@Marina I stepped in, and you gave me a laugh! :)

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I’ve noticed, from my gay friends, they refer to their partner as “boyfriend/girlfriend” when it’s not too serious, but once it gets more serious, they refer to them as their “partner”

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@casheroo: Pretty much what casheroo said, if it’s a newer or casual relationship then bf/gf get tossed out there. When “partner” is heard, ears perk up because something serious is going down.

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Yeah – partner always seems a little too ambiguous – and we’ve been together for over 10 years – so boyfriend is kinda weird. I usually say s/o – cause it’s the only thing that seems closest to what it is.

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you didn’t muck up nothin ;-)

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I’ve also noticed people who think of themselves as married but can’t legally do so, and have been together a long, long time sometimes say life partner.

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oh – right – I’ve heard that too…. that’s not bad, actually. Aside from that: HI HUG!!! Nice to see you!!!

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He’s my partner, my P.I.C. :) Naturally—he’s had my back for 10 years.

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People, read the damn question.

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girlfriends, I refer to my live-in girlfriend as my SO.. We are not monogamous.

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oh, i see. that works

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It depends on who I am talking to. If I’m not sure how someone will react, I say partner. With others, I say wife.

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@harmony: hot!

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unfortunately I work in a small town and a lot of people think I’m weird for not being married or having kids… I have a girlfriend, but I don’t dare tell them that! I presume they think I will be the old cat lady stereotype

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