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Did you choose to be born?

Asked by TheoreticalBS (68points) March 26th, 2009

If not, do you really have free will?

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No, I wasn’t around when that happened.

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I didn’t ask to be born

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I don’t tell my heart to beat or how fast to beat. Does that mean I don’t have free will? Likewise, if a fly lands on my arm and I slap it unconsciously – no free will?

If my stomach is empty and I need to eat? Or if your stomach is full and you need to do ANYTHING?

It’s all in how you define “free will”.

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Can you leave the Earth? If not, do you really have free will?

When people talk about free will, it doesn’t imply that one can do anything at all.

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Destiny chose me to be born and Fate approved. And such was a start of a new thread in the timeline of the universe.

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When my friend’s younger brother was about 2 (he’s now in high school) he claimed remember “choosing” my friend to be his sister, before he was born. Now, years later, he not only doesn’t remember saying this, but doesn’t remember the alleged choice.

It’s interesting though. And they’re a pretty interesting family.

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Yes, I believe I chose to be born. I believe in reincarnation and the progression of the soul. I choose to come back to Earth (as a human) time after time to learn about the human condition and empathy for humans. I believe I planned out the major points of my life before I got here (i.e., who my parents would be, where I would live, and stuff like losing my dad, getting Addison’s disease, and getting a divorce). I’ve been through a lot of shit in my lifetime, so I either got too big for my britches when writing out my chart, or I wanted this to be my last trip to Earth, so I just wrote a shit ton of lessons in to one life. I really hope it’s the second one. Anyway, although I believe my life has been mostly charted out, I also believe I have the free will to make smaller changes along the way. The major things are going to happen regardless, but how and when might alter slightly.

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