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How much do tattoos effect a law enforcement position?

Asked by Spargett (5390points) November 11th, 2007

I guess my question would be directed as visible tattoos on the arms. Nothing more, like the neck or more taboo areas of the body. Anyone in law enforcement want to chime in on department policies or experience.

I know there’s alot of variables to this question, but I’d to hear what some of you think who have experience in law enforcement or know people who work in it. Thanks.

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Strangely enough, Time Magazine had an article about this last week.,9171,1675620,00.html

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I work in law enforcement; the answer is: not at all. Most police officers have tattoos (including in the “more taboo” areas), and people who are in more white-collar positions wear long sleeves, so it isn’t noticible at all. One of the Assistant District Attorneys in my office has full sleeve tattoos. The only issue would be, I think, if your tattoos were gang-related or racist, and I tend to doubt that that is the case.

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NYPD just passed a rule that new cops aren’t allowed to have visible tattoos. They have to be covered with sleeves, or ace bandages.

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