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Do you think there are those in TV Land who do not get that Stephen Colbert is mocking Republicans and conservatives?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) March 26th, 2009

I ask because I once read an interview with Carroll O’Connor who played Archie Bunker on all in the Family – and he said that some people didn’t realise the show was meant to poke fun at people’s prejudices

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Oh definitely! In fact I was sitting next to someone who completely didn’t get it and thought Colbert really believed the things he said on the show. I would have humiliated her normally, but it’s the sister of the girl I’m currently dating, who isn’t exactly a genius either.

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haha!!! (make sure ur gf doesn’t see that lol)

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I suspect so. After all, some people think Ann Coulter is admirable.

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Sure, just like there were people who didn’t realize in the 1970s that “Archie Bunker” was satire as well.

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That is what I find so funny about him…. That some people don’t have a clue a out his humor.

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My girlfriend sort of does. It’s funny.

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Haha, of course, and that’s what makes it genius.

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Haven’t even noticed you recently hit 10k


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Thanks, my man!

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@kevbo I believe a celebratory thread is in order. May I have the honor of starting it?

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sorry, just did :/

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@TaoSan I saw that, LOL.

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ouw dammit.

Now me moron !!!!!

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No worries, TaoSan. I did the same thing when Dave hit his 10k.

There are definitely people who don’t recognize spliced up interviews and sarcasm.
Look at how many people think Religulous was a researched documentary.

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I hope not

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I just finished reading I Am America-And So Can You! I don’t watch TV, so I’d never seen Colbert. The book was hilarious- but I can see how some of the more dimwitted folk out there could miss the humor. That is, of course, his major form of genius :>)

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Yes. Republicans and conservatives.

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Cause he is a piece of shit loser that is constantly politically incorrect about topics of foreign and domestic policies and his influence on the children (future leaders of tomorrow) is shitty.

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