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How can I install X11 without the Mac OS installation disks?

Asked by akeil (52points) November 12th, 2007

I’m trying to install open office for my mac iBook. I have Tiger installed but no longer have my install discs and thus can’t get x11 installed. Is there another place where I can get the Tiger x11user package? Also, has anyone tried the alpha version of the Aqua open office?

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Evert's avatar (it says update, but I think it’s the full package anyway. Otherwise, start with version 1.0:

Have you tried NeoOffice? I believe it’s slightly behind OpenOffice, but not too much:

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I recommend NeoOffice also.

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Yeah, NeoOffice doesn’t require X11.

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There’s no reason to use OpenOffice when you have NeoOffice. Aside from that, OpenOffice 3 will support Mac OS X natively without X.

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+1 for NeoOffice. Actually better on a Mac than OpenOffice, as the guys who have done the port have included a wide range of Mac specific tweaks (e.g. relating to font handling, use of Address Book, etc.) that have improved OOO to include some of the great things that OS X makes available. OOO under X11 ignores almost all Mac features, and looks / behaves just like it would on Linux. The OOO 3 for Aqua build is an Alpha grade thing and really isn’t that good. Will be interesting come September when the first production builds of OOO 3 for Mac and NeoOffice ‘3’ are released. But till then NeoOffice is really the best way to go.

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