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What are some techniques for minimizing internet bandwitdh use (on a company level)?

Asked by gsiener (438points) November 12th, 2007

I’m on a satellite internet connection at work, and we have a monthly cap of 25GB/month (and $100/GB thereafter). Would like to investigate caching, proxies, etc.

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Have you done anything to analyze and categorize the traffic to this point? How many users are you serving? Do you have any policies regarding Internet usage/content? I find that the biggest bandwidth hogs at my company are live feeds(like sports scores) and streaming media which would not benefit from caching.

Since you are using satellite there is more than likley a proxy of some sort in use at the provider. Internet via satellite has several challenges because of the distance between earth and the satellites. A proxy only becomes helpful when you have a number of users visiting the same site or content store and even then only if the content isn’t unique to the user.

Tell us a little more.

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To add to the previous answer,
Traffic shaping can be a great method of optimizing and prioritizing bandwidth.

An easy to use appliance is called a packetshaper made by packeteer.

Their are a lot of open source tools for this as well but these badboys are ready to go out of the box.

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