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Would you tattoo your s/o's name on your body?

Asked by dearest_prudence (464points) March 26th, 2009

I have ownership issues w/s/o’s and myself (my relationships) and couldn’t dream of tattooing someone elses name on my body (aside from my childrens)

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Thats by far one of the stupidest tattoos one can get.

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No, but only because I don’t want a tattoo. I don’t really like tattoos in general.

But if I did, I don’t think I would get that one because it has a high probability of being transitory.

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No, I would not.

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99% chance no.
1% chance yes, but not large, capable of being covered.

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Nope, already been down that road. Bad idea.

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Never. I might consider, however, getting some kind of image that related to them, somehow. Because even if the relationship dove south, I would still have some great memories and it would always be a significant part of my life, no matter what.

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Not if I wanted the relationship to actually last. I do have a tattoo that says Daddy that I got after my dad died. But that’s way different.

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absolutely not. Too costly to have it removed.

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Not the name, but, my ex did get an image of my lips tattooed on her neck.—that’s different.

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@jmah: A girl where I work has the same thing, did porno’s inspire that trend or what?

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Nope, offspring only.

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I’m not a big fan of tattoos. If I did get one, I know it would never be a s/o’s name.

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I’d get my S/O’s name tattoo’ed on me, sure. But he’d have to die first. It would be discrete, just a name and born-died date, text only, not done up big.

We’ve been together 10 years so far. I don’t forsee another S/O in my future besides him.

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@3or4monsters you 2 been together that long?
I like that you don’t foresee another, that is pretty cool

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@dearest_prudence well, there’s always the possibility that one or the other of us could die young and remarry, but I’d rather not think about it. And if it happens, my second husband will just have to deal with the fact that I still love the deceased person enough to put their name on my body for life.

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My niece got her name tramp-stamped. Guess she’s her own SO?

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@PupnTaco I am honestly speechless. Really? REALLY?

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I honestly plan to get my SO’s name tattooed on my ankle, but whenever I get ready to do it, I think of this.

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@3or4monsters: I shit you not.

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Never. My children’s initials, maybe. But not my spouse.

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Hell, no.

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@VzzBzz haha..

It actually turned out really well.


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@jmah I assumed you meant it was actually on her neck. That’s more the collarbone/shoulder area.
It’s cute.

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@elijahsuicide yeah, you’re right. What I was meaning to say was the collarbone area.

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@jmah was it done over a lipstick print, or was it on paper first and transfered? What color ink?

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@elijahsuicide it was done on paper first (I did a few puckers (ha) and she chose the one that she liked best) and then the tattoo artist transferred it. Red ink.

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It seems like a meaningful image would be the path to go, if you are too impatient to find an image and end up just getting your S/Os name in Old English then what are the chances you impulsively rushed into other aspects of your relationship?

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Nope. As much as I love my wife and my tattoos, I would never get any words tattooed on my body. Just not my thing.

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I imagine if for some stupid reason I outlive my wife/best friend, at age 80, I’d get her name tattooed on my arm or something. I’d probably get a motorcycle at that point, too. Nothing left to lose! :(

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@PupnTaco maybe your niece just needs a reminder once in a while. you know, so she can remember her name if she forgets?

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No. Also, the tattoo artist that my husband and I have both used before will not do names of SO. She will do children’s names and memorial tattoos.

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I wouldn’t do it. But, my husband has my name tattooed on his bicep. How could I deny a man that did this
We don’t take tattoos seriously, like some people…He did it while we were dating. I think name tattoos are fine, people can get whatever they want tattooed. I’d personally never do it though.

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When I married my husband we were dead broke, not enough money for a ring, but enough for me to get his name tattooed on me and my name tattooed on him. So we went for it. I got his name on my right shoulder and he got mine on his left upper arm. My tattoo turned out shitty, so a couple of years later I decided that I’d get it done again, this time on the inside of my left ankle. I love that tattoo. The script is beautiful and it reminds me of him. I’ve really dug this guy for a long time. We have three kids, and if they don’t speak of forever, I don’t know what else would. If we get to the point that we’re not together, I don’t see myself regretting either tattoo. It’s not my nature to lament the past, but know I did the best I could at that point. All of my tattoos have a story.

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I wouldn’t get a tattoo period.

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Nope. Google “Johnny Depp wino forever” and you’ll see why I wouldn’t do it!

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@aprilsimnel I’ll do that
I am kinda scared too, but I will

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@aprilsimnel lovely
odd he would rather have wino instead of winona, isn’t it?

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@dearest_prudence – Yeah, that relationship apparently did not end well at all. Perhaps she drove him to drink!

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Never never never. BAD idea.

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Never, never, never. The only tat’s of names I would consider getting put on me would be my kids someday. Or I have a few names on me that are memorial tattoos for dead friends. That’s it. I have a tattoo which signifies a relationship I was once in for me, but it also signifies my life in its entirety at that time a name would not be able to encompass all that for me.

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Wow. I guess the majority of people here would consider me not very bright. Oh well, I’ll keep on keeping on and hope that I can pull off a story that my so’s name is really my long-dead grandmother who risked her life to smuggle us into the United States during WWII.

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@gimmedat WOW! I am so getting a tramp stamp that says “Naomi,” but I think that you spelled her name wrong – twice.

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I am branded with my hubby’s name and I loooove it.

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I don’t think he meant bite marks

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I would get my childrens names tattooed on me. But never a lovers. i dont think its stupid though. i think tattoos are a personal choice and they each mean something to the person getting them. i have never called someones tattoo stupid. what stops someone from calling mine stupid, even though it means something to me?

its a personal choice and one i dont think i would ever make.

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