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Best standup comedy school in NYC?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) March 26th, 2009

A friend is considering the Comic Strip Live. Anyone has had good experiences here or elsewhere?

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University of Standup Comedy in New York

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Caroline’s has a school, as does Gotham and there’s the American Comedy Institute.

There’s the PIT, the Magnet and UCB as other places that have improv classes, but I don’t know if they have stand-up classes. They have late night open mic shows where your friend could get stage experience. There’s a huge improv scene associated with those theaters that envelops stand-up, so your friend might want to start hanging out down Chelsea way.

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the best education you’ll get is from doing it. a lot.

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Flutheroos!, we appreciate the links, etc. What we are looking for is input from people who have taken classes at one or more of these schools so as to better determine which one would be a best fit. Thanks!

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