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Why did my new dog attack the dog we already have.

Asked by franny5 (4points) March 26th, 2009

We adopted a 3 year old Malamute for a companion to my 11 month old female rottweiler” a very nice and sweet Rottweiler”. But the new 3 year old dog is being aggresive to my 11 month old Rottweiler. How can I get them to get along.

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Your question is cut off, so I am not sure what the ending was.

Many Mals are very dog-aggressive. They also tend to be dominant, pushy dogs. Frankly, a Mal may not be a good fit for your situation, especially as most Rotts won’t put up with nonsense from another dog either.

It’s always best to do a meeting before you adopt a dog to make sure the dogs will get along.

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yes, for sure!

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There’s a details section for a reason.
When you get the question pulled, use it.

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Dogs have personalities just like anyone else. Some dogs just don’t like other dogs. Not much you can do about that.

Or perhaps there is, I don’t know.

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When introducing a new dog to the household, you should try keeping them in separate rooms at first. They can be allowed together when they are supervised, for an hour or so, but don’t expect them to get along until they become better acquainted. You also might want to let them get acquainted outside, rather than in the house for awhile, so that the scuffling will not harm them or anyone in the family.

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Question: How does one integrate a new dog into the family with other pets?
Details: blah blah etc.

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Honestly I mean no offense, but you really need to assess your dog ownership aptitude. It sounds like what “you don’t know you don’t know” is significant.

Also, talk to @Marina. She’s a dog handling expert.

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Darwin and Syz are good people to ask, too.

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It’s not unusual to have disruptions when bring a new animal into a household, especially if you’re dealing with adult animals. Dogs are pack animals and need to establish a pecking order (dominance). You may be able to get this worked out, but I must warn you, some animals never manage to get along.

The first thing that you need to do is establish yourself as alpha dog to the malamute. Obedience classes are a fantastic way to learn about dog behavior, body language, and setting rules in the house. Make sure to find a reputable trainer!

Talk to the trainer about assessing both dogs’ personalities. If your rottie is also a dominant, there may be battles to determine who is top dog. If she’s not a strong dominant, you may be able to get to mal to relax by treating him as top dog – greet him first, feed him first, let him outside first, etc. Again, a trainer will be able to help you with a plan.

You don’t mention if both of these animals have been neutered and spayed. Having intact animals is only going to increase your problems.

There is no simple, quick answer to this issue. You will need to work diligently and consistently. And please take care, these are both large dogs that can do a lot of damage.

We’ve had multiple instances of dogs being brought into the emergency clinic who have lived together for years with minor scuffles who eventually try to kill each other. We’ve also seen owners who tried to intervene and were badly bitten. Hopefully you’ll have a much happier ending.

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