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Check out the view from the top of Mt. Conspiracy?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) March 27th, 2009

Geez. Now I’m not even sure about what’s an askable question.

Anyway, just put out a 30,000 ft summary of what some think is making our crazy world tick. If you’re not a wing nut like me, I don’t know what you’ll think, but if you’ve bought in to some of this stuff this State-of-the-Union-like summary is pretty fascinating. Especially if you think about references in film and television as well as real life phenomena like the seed vault in Svalbard and the various hums (drilling) heard in places like Taos, not to mention the obfuscations of our space program.

It does seem to settle one thing—that there isn’t one group of people running the show. Rather, there are competing factions.

You can read the summary here.

And a warning: a lot of this stuff is terrifying (but ultimately hopeful). My best answer is that we have the power to create and change our reality through our thoughts and intentions. Blessed are they who already know that without having to spend so much time on the gory details.

Also, a little bit of background on Project Camelot. It’s a small group that is attempting to piece together the big picture through interviews with various whistleblowers and others in the know. They themselves don’t advocate certain theories or positions, but instead look at the evidence and testimony and put forth a congruent supposition with minority reports. So it’s more “here’s the information we’re getting, here’s information that disagrees, here’s what we think, here’s what we don’t think. That’s our best guess.”

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I did not seed vaults or hums existed, though…the hums seem a bit silly.
I’ll check it out, but I’m no conspiracy theorist really, I just find all of the theories interesting. Thanks for the links, kev. :)

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Lurve for referring to yourself as a wing nut. Made me smile.

I don’t usually buy into conspiracy theories, but (like Mo) I looooove to read them. This is gonna keep me up for ages now.

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I hope somewhere in this long, rambling missive Col. Sanders and “The Meadows” comes up…

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I always like your threads. Fun reads but I don’t understand why these conspiracy people can’t design a decent website. And I just can’t get past statements like these 5 minutes into the site:
I know that there’s a planned war between the US and China scheduled for late 2008.
Did I miss that while I was making a sandwich? Damn, I always miss the fun stuff!
I did know about the seed bank and that’s definitely planning ahead.
As per the hums and their apparent sound to only a select few men in particular. Could these guys be all over 70?

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@SeventhSense, thanks! The hum thing is more or less my own deduction, which I’m open to being wrong about. I’ve just heard so much about the Taos hum living in NM and the fractional speculation that it had something to do with Los Alamos. But also after reading a thing or two about Dulce, NM, (another supposed Area 51 type place in the middle of nowhere), it at least mildly reinforces the idea.

I agree about the Web sites sucking. It is a little ridiculous and it certainly detracts from the information. Project Camelot seems to be one of the best for design (and info).

I wouldn’t have given the seed bank (which I first read about in WIRED) a second thought were it not for this article. Also, it was interesting to get around to watching The Golden Compass because so much of the film’s world dovetails with the whole ball of wax and the characters’ quest leads to Svalbard.

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The seedbank is factual from my understanding.
And imagination and science fiction are vital. One day someone dreams of teleportation and then there’s a fax machine….tomorrow a pizza. :)

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I found the subjects alluded to in the links more depressing than terrifying. It is depressing to think that a group of people were more concerned with saving their collective asses than their neighbors. Frankly, if I was invited to join the plan I would decline it. Why would I want to spend the rest of my life with assholes.

I just hope that none of it is true. I can’t picture keeping a secret for more than 50 years, I don’t believe that it is possible.

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Survival Seeds shilled by Glenn Beck = scam

Seed banks = no big deal, just prudent planning

The biggest (I think) is the “Svalbard Global Seed Vault“

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