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What would you say is the most common driving maneuver screw-up when a driver is on a cell phone?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) March 27th, 2009

I think it’s when a driver drifts out of his lane and into mine.

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Over turning. Like a lane-switch or turn in traffic. They turn too hard or too much and have to correct.

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not signalling.

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stopping short. i HATE people who do that. i rear end people who do that (not on purpose, but it has happened)

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Drifting lanes. Not signalling. Not checking before changing lanes.

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Driving too slowly. When I see someone turtling down the street, 10 miles an hour below the speed limit, I say, “Cell phone user,” and sure enough when I pass it almost always is.

I also often see them stopped in the middle of a residential street or just sitting at a stop sign a lot.

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In my experiences it’s everything to do with lanes. Respecting their own, improper signaling, drifting, not checking blind spots.

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The one most frequently reported by cell phone abusers is missing exits on the freeway. What I observe most often is unsafe lane changes, especially crossing from the far right lane to the left turn lane, cutting off the driver in the left lane.

Cell phones don’t seem to have any effect on the thumb-up-the-butt phenomenon that occurs at stoplights. It seems to take the same excessive amount of time for the information that the light is green to be translated into action, regardless of whether the driver is using the phone.

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And don’t you just LOVE it when, after you honk the idiot and you drive past to give him the finger, he COWERS down???

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My most common tendency is to stop short.

Saw this the other day on the Fail Blog. Hypocrisy

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If you’re travelling 60 mph , and you look away from the road or are otherwise distracted for 3 seconds, you have covered 264 feet driving blind.

Needless to say, a lot can happen in 264 feet, including but not limited to ( in no particular order ):

1) Rear-ending drivers in front
2) Swerving into other lanes
3) Missing your turn, ramp, or exit (creating MORE problems)
4) Swerving into shoulder or embankment
5) Running stop lights, stop signs, yield signs

And most importantly: NOT noticing a speed trap that you would have otherwise noticed if you Hadn’t been talking or texting on your cell.

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No indicators!
Also, not using a traffic circle correctly, or switching lanes without indicating their intention, or driving really slow!

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@queenzboulevard , those are GREAT! I’ll be looking for them on the net.

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Not catching on that it’s their freakin’ turn at a 4-way stop.

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Oh yeah! You got THAT right!

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