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What's the bike ride like from San Francisco to Bodega Bay?

Asked by joshbc (17points) March 27th, 2009

My girlfriend and I are planning to do a weekend out of San Francisco and rather than drive to the destination, we’re hoping to bike. I was thinking of riding to Bodega Bay-it looks like it’s about 70 miles, which we could do unless it was really hilly, which might be a bit of a challenge. Anyone done that ride before and can comment? I’d also welcome nice but reasonably priced places to stay.

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I haven’t done that ride in particular, but, I’ve ridden plenty from SF to Marin. One piece of advice is to be prepared for strong winds crossing the GG bridge. The first time I rode across was a hairy experience for me, to say the least. Have fun.

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I’ve never done the ride, but I’ve done the drive and the roads I’ve taken are very hilly and I don’t remember them being particularly bike-friendly, unfortunately. Breathtakingly beautiful, but hilly.

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scary as fuck.

Haven’t ridden it, but driven it many-a-time. Gets suuuuper windy out towards the coast. I would not want to be on a bike. Be careful!

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Agree with shiloh and aviona. Be careful, not only for winds but for drivers. It’s pretty, though.

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LONG, windy, and dangerous if you were to take HWY 1 (not even sure there is another route). Way to be adventurous! Be careful and have fun!

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Windy, hilly, and not bicycle friendly.

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