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Does anyone here take Prozac and how well does it work for anxiety? Im only two days in. Thx for any help.

Asked by CinnamonGurl (2points) March 27th, 2009
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Finding the right antidepressant and the right dosage is an art, not a science. I stopped taking Prozac after six days because I had terrible sequential nightmares every night. After a few other tries, I settled on Zoloft, which helped my chronic depression…it was not too severe but limited my energy and zest for life.

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Can’t speak toward Prozac, but I do know that it definitely takes more than 2 days for antidepressants to have an effect on your system. Web MD has lots of expert info on this subject.

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I take prozac for depression. My dr and I decided not to medicinally tackle anxiety until we saw how I was doing on the “Vitamin P.” Turns out we didn’t have to -prozac worked great. It pretty much completely and totally depends on you, though.

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I used to use Prozac and it was very effective as an anti anxiety prescription. Give it at least two weeks.

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@gailcalled describes it perfectly when she calls treating depression an “art.” I tried several dosages of several anti-depressants before I found one that really works well. For me prozac turned out to be the one. It does take a couple of weeks to feel the full effect. Keep track of your feelings and anxiety and note any changes and bothersome side effects. Keep in touch with your doctor and work closely with him/her until you have found exactly what works for you.

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For some reason what I just typed did not post. What I said was:

I’ve never taken Prozac, but I know a lot about it. I recently read (and posted a question about it a few days ago) that they’re using Prozac now for weight loss.

Your doctor may be starting you on a low dose to see how you tolerate the drug. If this is the case, don’t expect to see any changes until he increases your dose enough to reach the normal therapeutic minimum.

Assuming you ARE on that dose, yes, expect a couple of weeks before you feel any changes.

All of the people I know on Prozac think it’s a miracle drug.

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I used prozac for a few months and it didn’t do a damn thing for me, for depression or anxiety. Personally, paxil is the only anti-depressant that worked for my anxiety.

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The different drugs in that class of drugs work differently on different people. Many times, after years of taking one of the drugs, it stops working on the individual so that another drug is used instead. After a few years, THAT drug could stop working and the doctor will prescribe either a third drug or put you back on the first one.

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I have been on prozac for about 2 years and recently the doctor increased the dosage. It works, but only when I stick to a regimen of regular hours, sufficient sleep and exercise. It is possible, only possible, that these drugs work best when combined with behaviour modification. That part (behaviour modification) is hard, but the rewards are great. If you are expecting the drug to do all the work, you may be disappointed.

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@bea2345 is absolutely right. The drug won’t do much without the therapy. It’s not a magic pill.

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You will need to give it time. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to kick in. Then if at that time you do not notice any changes you should bring it up to you physcian to discuss alternative choices.

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@bea2345 : I would strongly endorse what s/he said about behavior modification, but would add perhaps eating more fruits and veggies and complex carbs and eliminating meat, non-organic chicken and farm-raised fish.

And I forgot to mention that with the Zoloft, I took 1/2 (35 mgs)the RX dosage for 28 days (standard procedure) an then started on 50 mg where I have stayed.

There was an article yesterday from AP that younger and younger children, even an 8 month olds, are developing and passing gall and kidney stones. We are all mostly toxic now; the toxicity travels through the placenta to the foetus.

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