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Why is there a small puddle of "water" underneath urinals in public restrooms?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1944points) March 27th, 2009 from iPhone

Do people have that horrible aim or is it splashed urinal water?

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Because there is not enough of this being taught during the formative years.

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I bet it’s splashed from flushing, but who knows. All I know is that women are fucking disgusting myself excluded, of course when they go in public restrooms. First of all, they piss all over the toilet seats (hovering causes this) and they don’t wipe it off! Seriously? That’s nasty, ladies. Secondly, they don’t wrap up their used tampons and pads before trashing them, so you get to see all kinds of nasty shit you never wanted to see. And if they drop a piece of TP on the floor, you can forget about them picking it up. The other night, at work, I went to use the restroom, and there was a perfect little turd in the toilet. The bitch didn’t even attempt to flush the toilet. Ugh. It’s very disturbing how most women behave in public restrooms. And I’m calling the bitches out.

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Probably just a lack of proper “aim”.

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Something or someone is dripping!

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You specified “urinals”, which are those things exclusively in a men’s bathroom.

The puddle of water is part bad aim, part prostrate problem resulting in things going in unexpected directions, and an accumulation of “shakes” from various men who use the facility.

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Er…lack of wienie control. Doy.

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I like to think that it is a combination of splash, leakage, and drip from condensation forming on cold pipes. But, wishing for something doesn’t make it true; all I know is that I am willing to assume quite an awkward stance to avoid immersing my feet in liquid uncertainty.

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Condensation… yeah, that’s what it is… condensation.
Now can anyone explain why the counters are always soaked?

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@Jayne… “leakage”.

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@Lupin…That was me.

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@Lupin Again, back to the vileness of people’s public restroom habits. God forbid they actually wipe the counter after splashing water all over the place. They probably say to themselves, “That’s somebody’s job to clean that up.” Fuckers

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You want to see a bad restroom? Drop into a truck stop on any given day. Truck drivers are known restroom pigs. Yech!

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Or a gas station.

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Or a sports arena like a ballpark, there is usually just a trough to pee in and stalls. I make myself never have to go nĂºmero dos in those places.

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It is a little of both I believe. Most of dry crap you see running down the urinal is from splash. Sadly there are those that can not aim.

We are all guilty of it, whether we just got laid and the lousy targeting is no fault of our own or we are drunk and can’t see straight. Of course, in this case it is entirely our fault.

However, I have found that most urinals are of extremely poor design where you can expect some splash back no matter what you do.
lol. Good question.

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