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It’s fun to slap around. I like to put it between my buns. It has names like “Strip” and “butt”. Fatter is better, but lean is ok. You can make balls. Rhymes with “beat”. Meat markets are fun to go to so you can pick out the exact meat you want.

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it’s fun to poke

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It’s So meaty.

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I prefer it when it’s still a part of the animal.

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I love meat so much I don’t eat it

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I like it when it’s attached to a hot guy. Tube steak boogie, baby.

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My dear friend:
My son WILL not eat meat. He is 5 years old, and I have a feeling that he understands something that I have had programmed out of me over the course of my upbringing.
Thanks to modern advances in science, and in solidarity with my flesh and blood, neither shall I henceforth.

(I decided this one week ago.) Carnivorism is no longer necessary in this day and age.

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@AstroChuckeating chicken that way will make you sick and the chicken pissed.

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The raw fish part.

…oh yeah, and the curtains.

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meat is savory. they say it ain’t the best when you eat too much of it, but the smell of a ribeye on the grill is a major drawing card for anybody’s nostrils. may not be chicken, but that beef or pork on the coals means outdoor BBQ. chicken to follow.

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The best thing about it is that we don’t need it, and can let the animals keep it to themselves :>)

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peedub said meat curtains…tee hee

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