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Let's say you experience chronic pain and headaches. Let's also say you have the oportunity to undergo a surgical procedure that has an 80% success rate at curing that pain and headache, but is still considered "experimental." Would you have the procedure done?

Asked by gimmedat (3938points) March 27th, 2009 from iPhone
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please tell me about this procedure.

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As I understand it, the doctor activates nerves while the patient is awake, and if that nerve triggers pain the doctor basically deactivates it through surgical manipulation.

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OMG!! I’m experiencing the exact same dilemma! I have occipital neuralgia which is basically a pinched nerve in the back of my head? The solution? Doctors at Duke University want to kill the nerve by inserting a probe into my head. What would you do?
Can’t wait to see that the “collective” has to say.

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@gimmedat what if there’s always pain with no apparent trigger? wouldn’t work huh

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I need to know exactly what the other 20% experience? Is it just that the procedure doesn’t get rid of the pain? Or do they get worse pain or death?

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@chuck!!! Me too!!! It’s killing me!!! This is the most ridiculous thing ever. Never have I felt so much pain with no relief! This sucks! That is my diagnosis, and I have found no relief! But, I have found this doctor locally who does this procedure and it’s supposed to work wonders!

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@gimmedat: what is the procedure? All that works for me is 800mg of prescription Motrin 2x a day and pain killers (which I try to use sparingly), and bed rest.

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@chuck, good for you that mess work. For me, it’s bed with a heating pad. I am in misery for the most part. I will PM you this doc’s link.

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I’d need to know the consequences of doing the procedure…would it kill me? or just have no effect?
If it just had no effect, then no harm is done by trying it. If it could kill me or cause paralysis, well…I don’t think I’d go through with it.

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If there is a 20% chance of death or paralysis, I’d have to think long and hard before having it done. However, if I had no quality of life for a prolonged period of time and no end in sight… I’d end up doing it. After my kids were grown.

If it’s just 20% ineffective, I’m in.

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