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Can your heart stop working just for a second?

Asked by sw33tness1132 (4points) March 28th, 2009

I was laying on my right side trying to fall asleep and felt my like my heart stop for a second. Can it really do that? and why does that happen? what causes it?

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Of course it can. We all have our heart skip a beat now and then. People can be “dead” for a while and then be defibrillated back to life.

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It can’t simply happen during your normal day by day life.
Unless you have an heart attack, of course.

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Yep, and if it pounds for a second or two really hard then goes back to it’s regular beat that can be normal too. Apparently, it happens to a lot of caffeine drinkers at night, at least that’s what my doctor said. :)

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sure, arrhythmia

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Sometimes, when I’m completely taken by the sight of a beautiful woman, that causes my heart to skip a beat. Would that be the same as it not working for just a second?

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Seems I’ve heard your heart stops beating momentarily when you sneeze???

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@rooeytoo. When this question was first asked, I went to Wikipedia to look exactly for that – if your heart stopped momentarily when you sneezed but it had nothing in the article about that. Irregardless, I’ve also heard that when you sneeze your heart stops momentarily.

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My heart stops beating about once every second. More often when I’m working out.

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@qashqai I am not picking on you. BUT everyone has a missed (or irregular) heart beat every now and then. The one that is most noticed or can be felt by the owner is a PVC (premature ventricular contraction). During a heart attack the heart rhythm is not necessary altered. Sometimes it feels like it is beating kind of hard, but certainly doesn’t stop. Unless it is a fatal heart attack and then everything pretty much stops and there better be a defibrillator closeby. When your heart is not beating, it is filling with blood and is certainly at rest.

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Not Mine!!!!

I have a Pacemaker and if I miss a beat for more than one second, it kicks in so that I never go below 60 beats per minute.


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Irregardless isn’t a word. Boo.

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@asmonet. There is an entry in for Irregardless and an explanation of why and how it can be used. Sorry if it seemed out of place in my answer above. :-(

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@srmorgan HA, At least I can lie in bed, put a microwave oven on my chest and warm up some soup. Not that I would care to do that. I was a cardio PA for years and help put in a boat load of those little dudes. Also (as mentioned a month ago or so ) had to go to the morgue to retrieve them when the owner had no further use for it.

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@cardinal, that is a very reassuring comment. Thank you
I will be sure to show it to my wife and children..

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@Bluefreedom: No worries, I just have a bit of a brain seizure when I see that word. :p

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