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Where is the best massage in Seattle?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) November 28th, 2006
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If you are a womyn - you can go to the hothouse - its on Pike (I think) just east of Broadway, behind and under the Wild Rose. Its a lesbian bath house that is super chill and cheap - I think $12 for an all-day pass. You can also sign up for a massage. Tons of fun - bring friends :)
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I've had really good massages from the Aveda spa that's attached to the Alexis hotel, downtown. I do not recommend the hot stone treatment, as it scarred my back. The regular, one-hour massage is sooo nice. Expensive, but good!
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There is a fantastic massage place in the Loveless building on the corner of Roy and Broadway--across from the Harvard Exit. I got a massage from the owner, and it really was perhaps the best massage I have ever gotten--but the others may also be great. Check it out!
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If you are a lady--Olympic Spa, amazing Korean bath house!
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The Gated Sanctuary in Snohomish consistently has the best massages I’ve ever experienced. Much of my life I’ve had massages pretty regularly and have had them all around the world. I was blown away by the massages I’ve had at The Gated Sanctuary! They really care about their customers and they customize their massages to what you need; you won’t get the same “routine” that some therapists give to everyone they work on. Also, the spa is amazing! It’s similar to a Japanese hot springs – outdoor soaking in jetted hot tubs while you’re surrounded by beautiful cedar trees! And their eucalyptus steam room is the best steam room I’ve been in! It’s clothing optional and they have women’s days, men’s days, and coed days. Just Google The Gated Sanctuary to find their website. I highly recommend! Their customer service is also the best I’ve experienced and you will feel pampered from the moment you walk in!

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