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What are some good side dishes to serve with a veggie lasagna?

Asked by dee6541 (57points) November 14th, 2007
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Check out the suggestions that other flutherites gave me for stuffed mushrooms:

I also made stuffed zucchini, based on those suggestions, and it came out great. Super easy! cut the zukes lengthwise into little boats, scoop out a bit of the insides, fill with a mixture of breadcrumbs, parmesan, 1 egg (beat it first) and some olive oil…and salt. Bake till they look yummy.

Sauteed spinach is also a good side dish…squeeze on a little fresh lemon juice to bring out the flavor.

Or, this time of year, you could serve some spaghetti squash. Just stick the whole squash in the oven for 40 minutes. Then take it out, let it cool, cut it in half, scoop out the insides, and mix in some butter, salt, and fresh parsley. Delicious!

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I love julienned zucchini pan fried in olive oil or even just steamed. Very easy to make too.

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Sausage and peppers. Or does that defeat the purpose of veggie lasagna?

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Big, fresh salad. Whole wheat garlic baguettes/

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I agree with the salad idea. The cool leafiness of the salad would be a nice contrast to the warm and more coherent texture of the lasagna. And maybe, depending on what kinds of cheese you used in your lasagna, you could do a warm goat cheese salad, broiling little slices of goat cheese on top of thin slices of bread and placing them on top of a lightly dressed green salad. Alternately, you could tie in one of the main vegetables that you used in the lasagna and do them in a slightly different way, like stuffed tomatoes or peppers.

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You can also slice zucchini thin the long way and layer it w. the noodles. Salad should contain different ingredients, IMO.

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