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Would you say is geared more towards social interaction , or information sharing? Is it a combination of both?

Asked by Flucker (6points) March 28th, 2009

Its my first day here, and Im curious…

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As the Founders say in a recent blog entry, “The gist is that Fluther is primarily built for ‘straight’ questions — but we welcome ‘social’ questions as long as they show effort, promote thoughtful discussion and/or are especially creative.”

Ergo, it was designed as an informational site but has social elements simply because you would be hard-pressed to keep social elements out of a place where people congregate, even if it’s just for information.

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It seems like it used to be much more oriented to information sharing. Lately it’s a social site.

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Welcome to the collective. I would start with the Fluther Guidelines.

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It definitely seems more specifically information-oriented.

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I’m going to split the differences in opinion and say that it is a combination of both social interaction and information sharing. I’ve seen plenty of both in my time here at Fluther so it makes the most sense to me.

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it’s a socinformation site!

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Yeah! ^^^ What you said!

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I wouldn’t say it’s oriented towards information. It seems like there are a lot of opinion and relationship advice questions (advice is not information, it is somewhere between information and opinion).

In fact, I think it’s impossible to make a meaningful distinction between information and social interaction. If we don’t interact, we can’t share information, and so much of what passes for information is the reputation the informer has.

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